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Jun 8 8 Comments

I recently started doing yoga and meditation and follow Sadhguru as many people in Google are doing and I saw my manager also going for the same. I liked the practice and the motivational talk. But I got a video suggestions as I was listening to many of motivational talks. But this video had disturbed me. Is this a fake video. Or what is this. I was enjoying the yoga so far. Is this a fake video by some one to spoil his image. Or what is it.

Don't want to disrespect anyone here.


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  • Google verysundar
    Sadguru is one of the most fake persons I have ever seen. He is riding the wave of nationalism for his own benefit. Instead of arresting journalists who do good reporting, people like sadgurur should put banned for misleading people.
    Jun 8 1
    • Google L20
      I agree. He is an intelligent sounding person I’ll give him credit for that. But as I saw more videos of him its pretty clear that he is a fake. There is a video in which he is answering questions of students in a town hall and you can see his ego and anger in full display.
      Jun 8
  • Microsoft snowite
    WTF is wrong with even smart people... Why do we need some other fuckster like these Baba's gurus to teach us what's right or wrong... We have the fucking common sense and courage. let's put those darn things to use.
    Jun 9 1
    • Google verysundar
      The problem is we have created an environment where questioning common sense comes with a fear of bring tagged as anti national.
      Jun 9
  • LinkedIn BobeShrimp
    How do these figures find an audience in tech?
    Aren't you people supposed to be smart?
    Jun 9 0
  • Microsoft shambu
    Classic fraud guru
    Jun 8 1
    • New nope |
      Pleonasm! Every guru is a fraud
      Jun 8
  • Netflix wteve
    I don't follow his principles or listen to his lectures and BS. Their yoga classes are good though. If you are in bay area, Sukh, a yoga teacher trained at Sadhguru ashram teaches wonderful and not westernised yoga.
    Jun 9 0