Salary evaluation - Apple Tech Product Manager

Amazon Consu23
Jul 20, 2018 13 Comments

Ict4 Tech PM—160k base, 160k stocks , 30k joining.

Do Tech PMs typically join ict4or ict5?


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TOP 13 Comments
  • That’s pretty high for a TPM IMO.
    Jul 20, 20180
  • Amazon Mojojo
    ^ Wrong . L6 from amazon come in as at least ict5 .. ict4 is a downgrade
    Jul 28, 20181
    • Apple / Engcho Chang
      Not true. ICT5 is staff/principal level. Senior is ICT4
      Jul 28, 2018
  • Amazon japanTown
    Is ict4 the right level for an L6 Program Manager ?
    Jul 28, 20181
  • Microsoft BahamaKing
    This is in Bay Area I’m assuming?
    Jul 20, 20181
  • Apple Google L7
    Great offer for a PM
    Jul 23, 20180
  • Amazon / Eng


    Google, Amazon, Facebook
    Which org?
    Jul 20, 20180
  • Apple / Engcho Chang
    Low stocks; get some competing offers
    Jul 20, 20180
  • Amazon sip
    Hey, I am a Product Manager at Amazon and i have accepted an offer with Microsoft. If you are a technical product manager here, the apple comp does not seem to be a substantial increase. You should consider the difference in cost of living between seattle and bay area
    Jul 20, 20180
  • eBay ItWp52
    Negation for less salary...any way you not gonna do shit
    Jul 20, 20180
  • eBay ItWp52
    Little bit high
    Jul 20, 20180

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