Schengen Visa appt for Greece or Italy

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Apr 10 6 Comments

Hello everyone,

The wife and I have been planning to go on vacation to Greece and Italy at the end of may. However the only hiccup is getting an appointment with one of the consulates in SF. Both Italian and Greek consulates dont seem to have appointments availble in the next one month. Any tips or suggestions to bag an appointment or try a different country consulate ?


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Salesforce pRaX60
    Do you need to go through the embassy if you are A US citizen to go to Europe? I’m European and I just do the ESTA when I come to the States
    Apr 10 2
    • Amazon TRuc81
      You really think they are US citizen? Cmon
      Apr 10
    • Salesforce pRaX60
      I know, I was just curious.
      Apr 10
  • SAP ScoobyD
    Try the German consulate!
    Apr 10 0
  • Amazon hlB
    Keep trying for Italian. Some people cancels appointment. I was able to get it this way.
    Apr 10 0
  • Intel tyOA83
    Try calling the Greek consulate 2:30 to 4pm PST. They are less busy and they will pick up. Explain your situation and they should be able to help
    Apr 10 0


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