Software engineer 4 at Juniper vs. Cisco

Cisco quicktest
Jul 14 3 Comments

I am being interviewed for Software engineer 4 position at Juniper now. I am currently a Cisco SE grade 8. How does Cisco SE Grades compares to Juniper SE grades? What Cisco SE grade equivalent to Software engineer 4 at Juniper?


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  • Cisco @/
    ^^very true..I was there and didn't have positive experience to share.. unless you get 100% tc bump it is not worth it to jump ship to juniper..u will realize it within a year there...hold your horses and aim higher
    Jul 14 1
    • Cisco quicktest
      thanks for sharing your experience.
      Jul 14
  • Cisco VKFU58
    Why on earth would you go from cisco to juniper? juniper is a dying company. If you want to move up in your career go to fb/goog.
    Jul 14 0


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