Software engineers and UI/UX designers

CEMEX / Eng gino
Feb 9 9 Comments

I find it common to see programmers and designers having an attraction and good relationship. This is because they usually share common interests like software, technology, videogames and being somewhat introverted.

What do you guys think?


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  • Square HdJf34
    No that’s not why they have good relationships. They have good relationships because they have very complimentary skill sets and a mutual respect for each others work.

    You’re just making a bunch of weird assumptions and generalizations.
    Feb 9 1
    • CEMEX / Eng gino
      Woah woah. Settle there sparky. I agree with you, completely left that part out
      Feb 9
  • Yup. My husband is a developer and I do UX. We talk front end, back end, and architecture. I enjoy working with developers. I love being embedded with a dev team.

    Oh and we do have a lot of common and separate interests.
    Feb 10 0
  • Amazon hyujjj
    Yup my gf is ux. We talk about frontend and backend
    Feb 10 0
  • Microsoft / Design owo;
    Seems to work out for me!
    Feb 9 0
  • Lyft alqt61
    My ex was also a designer, didn't really work out for one reason bc we couldn't appreciate the nuances of each other's jobs
    Feb 14 0
  • Amazon QXHX15
    My ex was a UX designer. It was actually a lot of fun with her .
    Feb 13 0
  • fiVn5$!Br
    Yep. My partner is an engineer.
    Feb 10 0
  • Microsoft DumplingDu
    Yes and no.
    Feb 9 0