Sonos or Google Home Max?



Oh well!
Jan 5 9 Comments

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  • Teledyne Technologies wish I knew
    Neither. I have Apple HomePod in living room and Sonos in one of other rooms. HomePod wins in music quality, especially at low music notes. Neighbor has Google Home Max and it does come close to Apple HomePod, except at low notes.
    Jan 5 5
    • Amazon r9HujymTf
      Which Sonos is that. I can only see HomePod “winning” to Sonos One.
      Jan 6
    • Teledyne Technologies wish I knew
      I have Play 1 and HomePod
      Jan 8
    • Amazon r9HujymTf
      Yeh. That’s more than 3x difference in terms of cost.
      Jan 9
    • Teledyne Technologies wish I knew
      Yes, for me HomePod is worth the higher cost
      Jan 9
    • Samsung beyonds
      Spend .ore money get high end Sonos beats Apple homepod anytime.
      Apr 16
  • Amazon NewBanana
    Sonos due to the voice quality
    Jan 5 1
  • Amazon r9HujymTf
    If multi-room is important, choose Sonos.
    Jan 5 0


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