Startup vs AWS-SA vs GCloud partner engg

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Aug 11, 2018 4 Comments


I have the following choice before me. I am ~15 years experience with past few year focus on data. Basically I am Senior engineer+customer skills.

Current in privacy Startup ( past 1.5 years) as principal big data engg. Getting promoted/moved into Director Customer Engineering/Success; basically lead that area. If I do well, I will be VP in that company in ~1-2yr (35-45 people company by then).
I have 1%. I think it might become a $100mill company best case (recently Series A ~9million in fund).. from next month $170/yr sal.

AWS: Senior AWS SA.. Getting offer but Not sure what level yet . L? (will update)

Google Cloud - Partner Engineer.. Getting offer Not sure what level yet. ? (will update)

What job will make my career best after 4years? Plus what is best from $ point...

Thank You.


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    Curious to know where this went ..
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