System Design: Which of the following presents the biggest scalability challenge?

Chase / Engghosted!
Nov 23, 2018 11 Comments

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  • Uber you too
    Alibabas is the hardest because they have to fake all those purchases and then a few months later they have to refund them all.
    Nov 23, 20180
  • Google / EngblKU37
    Having worked at Google and Amazon. Amount of technical infrastructure it takes to run G > amazon. In amazon, architecture is very simple, webservers, database, big cache. Because each transaction is independent so sharding is relatively easy.

    In G, everyday traffic is so huge that we have 3-4 levels of load balancers just to manage load. If anyone is interested I would suggest to read about GSLB which is datacenter level global load balancer.
    Nov 23, 20185
    • Chase / Engghosted!
      I would argue that on the other hand, Amazon has real money transactions , which means it has much higher challenge in terms of HA and consistency. A Google query or Gmail message or YouTube not loading or loading inconsistently is not a big deal, but an Amazon purchase not being added to cart or inventory not updating for all nodes is a much bigger problem
      Nov 23, 2018
    • Google / EngblKU37
      Correct. IMO, it can be solved by using relational database to guarantee consistency. They probably have sharded relational database. Sharding + Replication/Standbys can solve most of scalability issues.
      Nov 23, 2018
    • Amazon thealpha
      Look dude, your design based on “grokking the system design interview” ain’t work :)
      Nov 23, 2018
    • Amazon RBOo88
      There's a very different set of challenges once you interface with the physical world. Not saying easier or harder, but very different. A search returning 500 is inconvenient. A single middle mile logistics error puts thousands of physical boxes in the wrong place and they need to be recovered after the error is fixed.
      Nov 24, 2018
    • Amazon bxuu70
      Relational database. Do you code in 2018 for any high frequency transaction?
      Nov 24, 2018
  • Uber
    Nov 23, 20180
  • Amazon im42
    On Alibaba/Amazon v/s Google, I think it is easier to scale for a few days (worst case: throw hardware at it, have SDEs working overtime, etc) v/s scaling for everyday. So Google's everyday scaling challenge seems harder.
    Nov 23, 20181
    • Google / EngblKU37
      very aptly said.
      Nov 23, 2018
  • Amazon thealpha
    hahahaha... sharded relational databases for amazon scale :P Which database? Oracle?

    also, how about scaling warehouse traffic? like shipping 400 physical items per second (stats from half a decade past).. it’s super complex pipeline involving space optimization/robotics/scheduling and so on... not just splitting traffic through multi-level loadbalancers to pre-computed indexes.

    also, how about aws services which serves other aws services plus other large interne companies like Netflix?
    Nov 23, 20180

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