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Oracle dudeperf
Jul 2

Have some good impact, also not crazy skewed in WLB.

Please don't say go to bootcamp and pick.


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    ^ This

    The day you join you have access to so much information on all the teams, any answer you get here is irrelevant.

    You can see all their tasks, their plans, the things they post about, the problems they solve, the jokes they make. You can get charts on how many submissions / SLOC people on the team write. Data on how long it takes to get submissions reviewed.

    You can work on tasks from a dozen different teams and get a feel how they work with you. Dozens of hiring managers will want to talk to you 1:1 about their teams. You can physically sit with two or three teams for a week.

    So we tell you to go to bootcamp and pick because that is the best advice. It is Engineering Disneyland.
    Jul 40
  • Facebook DesertWalk
    Why pick before boot camp?
    Jul 20
  • Facebook
    You know that team decision is not entirely yours, right? You may pick the teams before bootcamp, and then once you join, those teams may not have openings, or the manager(s) may not be interested in you. What would you do then?
    Jul 31
    • Oracle Lolmaxed
      I guess OP is looking for an idea of what the good teams are (so am I)
      Jul 3
  • Facebook
    The point is, you have good time to figure it out after joining. The advice you get in bootcamp as well as FB lobby here would be much more valuable and relevant than anything you get now in Tech Lounge, IMHO.
    Jul 30
  • Oracle Lolmaxed
    I am in the same boat. Would love to hear thoughts about what are some of the good teams.
    Jul 30

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