Tess Rothstein

Airbnb duxjwue
Mar 11 7 Comments

I am having a hard time concentrating at work because a member of our team has passed away.

How do I cope?


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TOP 7 Comments
  • PayPal blindu5er
    Very sorry for your loss. You should definitely take up grief counseling if it affect you so much.
    Mar 120
  • New sparked
    Loss as in the passed away or they moved on to a new team?

    If the former, ask for some time off and look at talking to a counselor. If you’re feeling this way in all likelihood other members of the team are also feeling the burden.
    Mar 111
    • New sparked
      I’m sorry for your loss; you definitely should consider talking with someone professional or at least being open with your coworkers.
      Mar 11
  • Twitter San Diego
    Incredibly sorry for that.
    Mar 120
  • Amazon burnt_0ut
    Join the protest and try to see if you can help influence policy. There are laws named after people who have died (Megan’s law, etc). It would be a good way to make sure everyone knows her name and that you make a legacy for her now that she’s gone.
    Mar 110
  • Uber bаg
    I’m sorry to hear about your coworkers passing. That is not fair and very upsetting especially her circumstances.

    Maybe propose a team happy hour to celebrate her memory.
    Mar 110
  • Pinterest 646cudysg5
    OP very sorry for your loss.
    Mar 110

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