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Yelp Manila
May 8 5 Comments

Recently interviewed with them. Very impressed by the people and product. Heard of them?! Did you or someone you know work/worked for them? Thoughts?


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  • rand.randm
    What do they do? I heard it is fancy Checkout.
    May 10 2
    • Yelp Manila
      They have a product that does checkout, payment & fraud. All bundled into one aimed at e-commerce sites. Think amazon checkout for everyone else
      May 10
    • rand.randm
      Yah , I am not sure the market opportunity especially since e-commerce is all Amazon and most other companies have their in house checkouts ... I am pretty sure Walmart/ Target would have hard time outsourcing that critical component. The long tail might be interesting but then Shopify has their own checkout that mints them money in addition to subscription.
      May 10
  • New


    I thought you meant the EV car
    May 8 1
    • Yelp Manila
      I meant Edited title to be more clear
      May 8