Tips for interviewing at Microsoft and Amazon

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I have a phone screen with Netflix, Microsoft and Amazon in the next 3 weeks. I have been a consultant my entire career, and this is the first time that I am interviewing for a full time position. I have been going through Cracking the Coding Interview for some time. Any tips and tricks to do well in the interview would be appreciated. I am hopefully looking for tips on what to study (concentrate on DP for example..) or something like that.

I haven't interviewed in a while, so why not?


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    For Netflix: ask your recruiter and if they mention they will query you on Java then please know Java inside out. Like for eg you might think you know java collections as you know how it is implemented and the time and space complexity etc but they will ask you something like can you add anything to a treeset. You might know the answer to this then they will ask what if it doesn’t implement comparable ? If you answer something they will ask you to run it in Coderpad and explain the behavior. This is one example but it is a lot of java trivia. Forget LC for Netflix.

    All the very best. I got through the phone screens and on onsite they rejected me because I supposedly criticized their values. So if you get onsite please don’t be even 1% negative about their culture.
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  • Amazon platos
    Look up the Amazon LPs online and have good STAR answers for each one. Make sure your customer obsession one is really strong.
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    OP, what kind of consultant are you? Accenture/TCS/Infosys cheap body on h1b or THE Consultant that charges 500$ per hour?
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    • eBay JAPv66
      I have 8 years of work experience and I am making 144K per year as my base salary. My company is based in the Bay Area, and I get health insurance and 401K.
      May 24
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    I’m assuming you are also doing Leetcode.... My only other suggestion would be pick Microsoft, but only if you are cool and proficient.
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    • eBay JAPv66
      I am doing leetcode. Doing ok on easy ones, but struggle a little on .the mediums.
      May 24
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    slushiemore There are some helpful posts!
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