Today think about those with lower TC than yourself

New / Eng pTfU32
Jan 11 9 Comments


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  • New me2you.
    Getting paid $15/hr for work worth $5/hr because you were untalented or irresponsible is being overcompensated.

    Getting paid $100k after $300k education and generating $500k value to the big tech is not getting your fair share....oh and democrats and your bosses forcing you to train h1b indentured serfs of your job (ie disney) is just pure humiliation of stem pros.
    Jan 11 1
    • Microsoft ivanka
      300k education? Dafuq....
      Jan 12
  • Amazon gdd4
    Jan 11 1
  • Microsoft tingtang
    They should just Leetcode their way out...
    Jan 11 2
    • Zillow Group trollman
      You should be thankful of what you have mtfk
      Jan 11
    • Microsoft tingtang
      Yeah yeah
      Jan 11
  • US Navy / IT Boonaki
    I'm not impacted by this furlough but I was impacted by two of the Obama shutdowns.
    Jan 11 1
    • Google / Mgmt Ephemerl
      Exactly. Obummer shutdowns will never be criticised by these Democrats who will find a way to blame even that on the Republicans!
      Jan 12

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