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I am interviewing for a sales leadership role at Uber Eats. Is anyone aware of the parameters used for interview to assess candidate attributes?
Some examples of parameters used are : General Cognitive Ability, Leadership, Role related Knowledge, etc.

What kind of an org is Uber Eats -customer/partner first, employee/team first, or business first - profit, revenue, growth? I can tailor my resume and answers accordingly.


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  • Agoda EWJs45
    Growth first, but demonstrate a clear understanding of the need to show a route to profitability. You'll speak with a lot of smart people who will want to know if you understand the core business model, the environment, its challenges and some creative ideas to foster growth. Then you'll be asked to create a 15 slide deck on a business case and defend in front of a panel. Only once you've passed all of these, will you get a conditional yes, after a 30min conversion with a VP...

    All fine until said VP turns out to be a batshit crazy diversity promotion. Expect the interview to be conducted while having her screaming kid next to her that she birthed a few weeks before, in the form of a very unorthodox call that has zero to do with competency and everything to do with her raging hormones. Think stories of crying on the way to work because she didn't have time to finish her baking and asking of examples of any, explicitly non-work personal issues you may have had. Expect a weeks radio silence to then be told you're not a good cultural fit. All because she can't seem to take time off or trust her team to make a decision in her absence. Good luck πŸ˜‚

    This actually happened πŸ˜‚ and yes I am bitter 😁
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