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American Express gandalf$$
Oct 17 7 Comments

I recently got an offer from Uber freight that is a downlevel. I told the recruiter I wanted to interview for a senior role, having over 8 years of experience. Then the actual interview came around and I didnt pay much attention to the fact that the position I was interviewing for said Backend Engineer (not Senior Backend Engineer). So the offer comes in and its a level 4 as I suspected. There was mixed feedback in the interview panel, with some interviewers recommending me for level 5. I go back and forth with the recruiter, and they are able to set up another interview with a hiring manager. But unfortunately, that manager did not recommend level 5. The uber juice wasnt worth the squeeze, so I had to decline the offer. Can I go back to the recruiter and say I am open to being a contractor? I hear contractors can work remote, so I can work for Uber without much risk while I live in a low cost of living state and look for something more stable. The other option is contracting at Google, but I hear they treat contractors like crap.


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  • T-Mobile 🀐it
    What's so great about Uber. Prep more and try for different roles/companies
    Oct 17 4
    • American Express gandalf$$
      Need a job now. I don’t have time for that
      Oct 17
    • T-Mobile 🀐it
      I'd go back and take FTE and then get a better job. But then this is free advice 😁
      Oct 17
    • American Express gandalf$$
      Im not going to relocate to sf for a level 4
      Oct 17
    • T-Mobile 🀐it
      Alright! All the best then! πŸ˜ƒ
      Oct 17
  • Uber Mr T
    Accept the offer, keep interviewing, and as soon as you get better offer, quit.
    Oct 17 0
  • Uber / Other

    Uber Other

    Lol, you realize uber is going through layoffs right? Prob best to wait that out
    Oct 18 0


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