Uber rejection in a day

Microsoft dhdbekdbej
Apr 26 18 Comments

Had an Uber Seattle onsite on Friday and got a rejection template email on Monday asking for re try after 6 months.

Does that mean I really fucked up the interview or they were just checking me at the last minute before making an offer to other candidate?

My interview was ok. Solved one LC in 2 codings and 2 System Design.

In general I found uber HR a bit rude and messy. I personally have no issue with this as long as I get the service but just wondering if this has anything to do with quick rejection.


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  • Microsoft tard
    To be honest, rejection after a day is MUCH better than rejection after a month
    Apr 26 1
  • Tableau / Eng

    Tableau Eng

    It just means you failed.
    It's pretty easy to discuss the results the next day and arrive to a decision
    Apr 26 0
  • NetApp eastereggs
    I believe bar is probably high and to get a better shot you would need to complete both coding with optimized solution..
    Apr 26 0
  • Uber Xctv564
    Why would anyone join uber 3 weeks before we IPO? You will get absolutely terrible total comp
    Apr 26 4
    • Uber brosafari
      Why is that? If the RSU gets granted at pre-IPO price, doesn’t that mean you get it at a discount (even with dilution)?
      Apr 26
    • Amazon ........,.
      I doubt they’ll evaluate using pre-IPO price. I know someone who got an offer from Dropbox few weeks before their IPO and he didn’t get pre-IPO price.
      Apr 26
    • Uber Xctv564
      5a eng starting today would get maybe 250 total comp? 175 salary plus maybe 75 in stock s year?

      compared to the 400+ of engineers from 3+ years ago
      Apr 26
    • Apple nakqpdl
      Ha no. Even 4s are getting 275-280k. 5s will hit 350 easy.. Unless they started giving dollar amount RSU offers
      Apr 26
  • Microsoft enejxns
    Interviewers at uber are rude as f.
    Apr 26 1
    • Uber 120B
      Nice generalization
      Apr 27
  • Microsoft no-sql
    Same experience about interview as a whole just that they took a week to reject. Interviewer was rude and gave me Bs. Recruiter were rude too
    Apr 26 3
    • Microsoft dhdbekdbej
      Maybe all these imaginary inflated IPO price has something to do with this but honestly I don’t give a F as long as I get an offer. Don’t wanna read much from it.
      Apr 26
    • Uber 120B
      Just accept the fact that you did not do that well in coding. Geez...
      Apr 27
    • Microsoft no-sql
      I did well. I won’t waste my time on posting if I were wrong
      Apr 27
  • Uber fxrbg
    Typically it’s not uncommon to do a debrief at the end of the loop the same day if either there is an urgent need to fill the role or the interviewee has other offers and needs to make a decision.

    I am sorry it didn’t work out. It may also be ok to ask the recruiter if there is any feedback that the interviewers has that you could work on. Good luck.
    Apr 28 0
  • Rockwell Collins cscY72
    Can you share what questions they asked?
    Apr 26 0
  • BlackRock Ikqf10
    I guess the expectation is solve all the coding questions, one of friend partially solved a LC hard and he was rejected
    Apr 26 0


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