What are good tech companies in Austin nowadays?

LinkedIn sl1988
Sep 3 16 Comments

I am working for Linkedin as a senior software engineer. Below is my details;

Current location: Bay Area
TC: 330k (180k base 10% bonus and around 130k rsu)
YOE: 9 years
Education: MSSE, BSCS. Both obtained in US
Specialties: full stack with strong front end skills, back end stack in Node or Java

Looking to move to Austin, willing to take a paycut


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TOP 16 Comments
  • Roku cruella
    Come over the the bay my friend
    Sep 3 3
    • Symantec oocla
      Why would he do that? This man can live like a king on that TC in Texas. In the bay, he would be one of four roommates.
      Sep 3
    • Roku cruella
      Not with TC of 660
      Sep 3
    • LinkedIn sl1988
      I am in the bay. Cost of living is too high. And everything is super crowded. Driving is nut and gotta wait for like 30 +mins for good restaurants to dine in.

      I am willing to take a paycut
      Sep 7
  • New kplay
    Stay where u are. 330k Austin is winning.
    Sep 3 0
  • Microsoft


    Why are people assuming that OP is in Austin?
    Sep 3 4
    • New kplay
      True. Hmm. Austin wouldn't pay 330k come to think of it.
      Sep 3
    • Roku cruella
      Good catch sir. Hat tip!

      Just cuz title said Austin and they looking for job in Austin we all assumed op was in Austin.

      U r detail oriented SWE
      Sep 3
    • New kplay
      He just had coffee before all of us.
      Sep 3
    • LinkedIn sl1988
      I am in the bay area
      Sep 7
  • Amazon nzwS47
    Sep 3 0
  • Apple steveop
    I am interested in this as well
    Sep 9 1
    • Roku cruella
      Late to the party
      Sep 9
  • Microsoft Jim Raynor
    Sep 6 0
  • Citadel Securities Xnrs10
    Citadel just opened an Austin office recently, but not really hiring web devs AFAIK
    Sep 3 0
  • Facebook SuperHot🔥
    Sep 3 0


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