What are you thoughts on WePay ?

Intel / Eng blinder21
Sep 16 8 Comments

I'm Interviewing with WePay for a Senior Software Engineer position.
I'm impressed with their engineers background and their tech blogs.
Seems like a good place to work.
They got acquired by Chase and are going to move to a new location in Palo Alto.

I wanted to know if you guys have any thoughts on the future of the company and it competing with square & stripe.
They are backed by Chase which I guess is a good thing in terms of financial backing and company stability, but I'd like to hear any thoughts/criticism.


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  • WePay / Data ejwg25
    Not on engineering team but WePay Engineers are much stronger than their Chase counterparts. Right now it’s treated as an independent ‘butterfly’ but in the years to come, will get more integrated with Chase. Will impact Chase at large with superior Engineering tech and talents.
    Sep 17 0
  • AT&T MsdR32
    Well, it's not the We company, so that's a major plus. I expect layoffs at We soon.
    Sep 16 1
    • Intel / Eng blinder21
      I agree. There are signs pointing that the We employees are to be under tension right now.
      Sep 16
  • AT&T MsdR32
    As for your question, Chase does seem serious about trying new things, and they can bankroll it. Seems like it could be interesting. I don't have any experience on the FinTech side though.
    Sep 16 1
    • Intel / Eng blinder21
      Good to hear. I don't have any FinTech experience either.
      Sep 16
  • Amazon / Eng jNeo42
    WeWork CEO bought the word “we”, so WePay might have to change their name; and that could hurt the momentum.
    Sep 16 2


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