What companies help students the the most with Visa

New cloutch
Jul 5 5 Comments

I keep reading on LinkedIn students loosing their Internships because of issues with immigration. Most the of them were going to intern at Facebook which doesn’t even interview international students anymore.

I know Microsoft really help student by actually taking their documents and use professionals to apply and I have not seen anyone complaining from loosing internships from there.

So my question is what other companies are like Microsoft in that way. Thanks


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  • Microsoft / Other abcde4
    Definitely not Microsoft. Microsoft's immigration is known to rescind offers if your immigration case looks even moderately complicated.
    Jul 5 3
    • New cloutch
      I see ! Do you know a company that is good for that though?
      Jul 5
    • Microsoft worldceo
      I disagree. My team had a student that got into Immigration issues. They processed Canada visa for him and brought him on L1 after an year and half.
      Jul 6
    • New cloutch
      Exactly! I saw this over and over with friends working there! That is why I said Microsoft is a good example just looking for more companies like that
      Jul 6
  • Cisco Tushima
    Cisco is good with immigration. Fragomen handles all cases. I was an intern long time back.
    Jul 5 0


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