What does IPO mean by

New / QA YVEl34
Jun 18 9 Comments



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  • Microsoft CXDd84
    International Potato Organization
    Jun 18 1
    • FactSet asdffgh
      Rahul Gandhi??
      Jun 18
  • Expedia newly new
    It's Probably Overpriced
    Jun 18 0
  • Amazon / Eng prestige🧐
    Ah yes, you must be thinking of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.
    Jun 18 0
  • Magic Leap / Eng _^__^_
    If you're asking what IPO stands for:
    Initial Public Offering
    Where a company offers their stock on a public market.
    Jun 18 0
  • Amgen Fin4eng
    I’ve heard that this great thing called *google* was invented in the last 20 years
    Jun 18 1
    • Apple QdOM20
      Wouldn’t that be insider trading? You shouldn’t tell other companies about things that may affect your companies stock.
      Jun 18
  • New / Eng QTdN03
    Inner Peace Outcome
    Jun 18 0
  • New / Other

    New Other

    Did stuff. Hustled hard. Retired
    Jun 18 0


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