What is equivalent role of amazon sde3 in other companies?

Amazon abcqwerty
Jul 2 6 Comments

Could you inform good job roles equivalent to Amazon sde3 in other big companies.
Also inform the preparation materials to start with.


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  • Google flooloo
    Albertsons janitor
    Jul 2 3
    • New JSRi34
      I heard that only VP level employees from other companies can apply for Albertson.
      Jul 2
    • Amazon qazwsxedc1
      Can someone fill me in on this Albertsons meme ?
      Jul 3
    • Comcast GregButz
      the fact that we've memed Albertsons into a meme is a meme in itself. keep thinking it's a meme, my amazon friend.
      Jul 5
  • New JSRi34
    Check https://www.levels.fyi for job roles.
    Jul 2 0
  • Amazon chewing
    Software engineer to VP of engineering depending on the company
    Jul 2 0


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