Will you buy a house in SF?

VMware iiSz06
Jul 10 10 Comments

Just curious as many unicorns IPOed this year.



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  • Uber / Eng iSlz16
    No, SF is a shithole full of communists, junkies and bums
    Jul 11 0
  • Uber ShitIPO
    I would buy in SF for commute reasons. Also housing prices will remain stable here despite any future volatility in the broader real estate market. If you can afford a SFH in sf then go for it but condos are a good buy too because you can get new construction, better location at a lower price and since it’s SF (constrained construction) they will appreciate well over the long run unlike condos in smaller cities.
    Jul 11 0
  • Uber NgAtsh
    Nope, will buy a sfh in South bay. SF is so messed up and not good for family.
    Jul 11 3
    • Pinterest qJSV23
      Well okay...but what makes you think SF's blight won't reach you?
      Jul 11
    • Uber NgAtsh
      No idea, just a better option for now ...
      Jul 11
    • Uber / Eng itsdara
      Bums are generally afraid of Mexican thugs in SB
      Jul 12
  • Uber ShitIPO
    When you say SF do you mean the city of San Francisco or the Bay Area? Some people intend the whole of Bay Area.
    Jul 11 1
    • VMware iiSz06
      I meant the city of San Francisco, not the whole Bay Area
      Jul 15
  • Facebook public2
    Never seen so many people say houses are overrated.
    Jul 11 0
  • Pinterest 5starbitch
    Jul 11 0