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Cadence / Eng ePlT86
Feb 27 4 Comments

Hi, no trolls please . I have 10+ embedded experience. I mostly worked in C , C++ and some python. I recently lost my job and shortly after was pregnant. I always wanted to change to web development so I used the last few months to do a project on nodejs and express , another on react . Both projects are on github. I know basics of sql . I am deep diving into javascript , leetcode and some system design. What else do I need to do to target senior web development positions ? Thank you !


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  • The question is.. Did you lose your job because there was no need for expertise?
    Feb 27 2
    • Cadence / Eng ePlT86
      No, left because of a bad manager.
      Feb 27
    • OK this makes things clearer because from what I know there is a demand for your field
      Feb 27
  • Broadcom Ltd. minarva
    Your skills will get you a job quickly .. is location a constraint or which area you’re targeting?
    Feb 27 0