Advice on pivoting into Quantitative Research?

Jul 22 6 Comments

Hey Blind,

I’m a CS master’s student from a top 5 school, and I’ve done some interesting theoretical research in deep learning. I wanted to tey out quant research, maybe in an intern capacity, as I’ve been studying applied math and also have managed fo get into a solid master’s program for the subject.

Do you have any tips on what to study, how to get interviews, and how to score an intern spot at a place like Two Sigma, Citadel, DE Shaw, etc?

I really appreciate the guidance!


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  • New numaye
    These firms will come on campus. Talk to them and build a connection
    Jul 22 0
  • Amazon / Other Valon
    Referrals are your best bet. Otherwise, contribute to open source projects that trading firms are interested in
    Jul 22 0
  • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
    I’m curious who needs theoretical deep learning researcher without PhD in a asset manager? Dying to hear from folks inside
    Jul 22 0
  • Facebook Decoupled
    Theoretical research in deep learning - do tell more.
    No one in quantitative finance uses deep learning - not enough data, and low signal/noise.

    In my 10 years as a quant, my colleagues were either PhDs, or top-of-the-class undergrads from top schools.

    Also, I've never seen a solid master's program in Applied Math. Unless you're counting Financial Engineering as Math
    Jul 23 1
    • Intel bsbsb
      Where were you a quant (HF? Prop? Banks?)? What made you go back to tech / FB?
      Jul 26
  • Goldman Sachs fake engineer
    I don't think referrals help all that much. Those companies are pretty willing to interview people (except DE Shaw). Based on being in a good CS masters program I would expect that you can get some interviews.

    Just apply and use referrals where you can, and hope for the best. The bar for interns is lower and it helps you get your foot in the door, I think you have a shot.

    Edit: oops I missed that you are out of school. I'd use internal referrals and make it clear to HR through them you're willing to be an intern, and okay with an entry level role if they want to give a returning offer. Usually they assume you don't want that. Masters degrees in math are totally useless don't do that.
    Jul 24 0


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