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PayPal YFnY83
Sep 13 11 Comments

I got offers from 3 teams at Apple. Apple news, Apple Siri Search, Apple Identity Management Services. The recruiter told me that I need to choose one team first, then the chosen team will going to make an official offer to me. I heard Apple have good RSU refresh, but the refresh is dependent on teams. Do you guys know which team has better RSU refresh? do you guys have any insights about the teams?


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  • Microsoft / Eng kwodk
    identity. stable business
    Sep 13 0
  • Apple / Eng misled
    Sep 13 2
    • LinkedIn


      sex work, quantum computing, and crypto HFT
      Sep 13
    • Apple s432
      +1 for Siri
      Sep 13
  • Apple / Eng SteveYO
    Siri search for sure, DM for reasons
    Sep 14 2
  • What do you mean refresh
    Sep 13 1
    • PayPal YFnY83
      RSU refresh
      Sep 13
  • Twitter letsparty
    Sep 13 0
  • F5 Networks / Eng h689qbQ75
    How did you interview with multiple teams?
    Sep 13 0