facebook & google opt: do you need at leasy 24 months left on opt to be eligible for swe interviews?

Microsoft uenxoegr
Nov 11 9 Comments

i think you need at least N months left on OPT to be eligible for SWE interviews at facebook and google. does anybody know how many months exactly?


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  • Amazon real_bezos
    @Queasy up here is wrong. I recently did phone interviews with FB and got an invite for onsite. After knowing I have 18 months left on OPT recruiter mentioned it’s not their policy to continue interviews. So yes, FB doesn’t hire people with less than 20 months or some amount of time about that left on OPT.

    There are lot of posts relating to that on blind. Google on the other hand hires you. Microsoft and Amazon does as well.
    Nov 11 6
    • Microsoft brSK35
      To add to above comment Microsoft needs at least 1 year or more so that they can file twice for h1. Source : friend who had less than a year was rejected after phone screen. Amazon not sure but seems similar.
      Nov 11
    • Amazon real_bezos
      Not true! I know friends of mine that interviewed with Amazon, Google and Microsoft. One of them joined Amazon Vancouver last week. His OPT was ending in 3 months. I know one friend who is joining Microsoft in January and her OPT extension is ending in July 2020. My senior from school joined Google, left Amazon and he had 8 months left on OPT, but he got H-1B.

      FB on the other hand is not interviewing candidates with one year or less time left on OPT. And my sources are very recent. My statements are also evidenced by many posts on blind which you can find by search.

      So @algxde1 MS, Amazon and Google Will Interview you. Amazon does not care how much time you have left on OPT. Same is the case with MS and Google. My MS recruiter said I can work from Vancouver if I don’t get H-1B and come back. I am currently talking to teams at Microsoft.
      Nov 11
    • Cisco algxde1
      @real_bezos Thanks for the reply. I am currently preparing intensely to interview with the FAMG companies. This is my first yr of OPT and I will extend it next yr. Glad to hear that 3 of them will not care about my remaining months.
      Nov 11
    • Amazon real_bezos
      Yeah I am confident about the 3 because I interviewed recently. Facebook definitely stopped interviewing. You can also find that on blind. Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to help.
      Nov 11
    • Google / Eng muhnuchw🐵
      Can confirm Facebook does not like having only one shot at h1b. They want you either with an H1 or a greencard.
      Nov 11
  • Microsoft Queasy
    Short answer, no. They typically apply for H1B in April and you get it in October. If your degree is in stem, the extension from April to October is generally given. So minimum you need it through end of April next year. To be safe you’d need more in case you won’t get it the first round.
    Nov 11 0
  • Netflix XtHu57
    Just OPT out instead
    Nov 11 0


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