going on vacation after grad before starting full time

Intel botss
Mar 17 11 Comments

thoughts on going on vacation before starting full time job after college graduation? did you do it? would you have done it?

how long is enough vacation?


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TOP 11 Comments
  • Amazon tsukemen
    Absolutely. I went for 3 months
    Mar 17 0
  • Google / Eng just.uni
    you have all the time in the world to work and it's hard to get that much time off again (except between jobs, but even then you'll lack health insurance)
    Mar 17 0
  • Facebook bvcrtyhk
    I traveled for 6 months—hit Europe and Asia. 100% recommend taking some time off to travel and experience the world. You’ll have plenty of time to deal with office lingo, politics, and coworkers;)
    Mar 17 0
  • Dollar Shave Club

    Dollar Shave Club

    Human urinal
    Didn't do it since I had no money and needed to work but I wish I had. Probably the last opportunity you'll have that much time without changing jobs
    Mar 17 0
  • eBay abababbb
    I would do it 100%..take as much as you possibly can, I would aim for 6 months
    Mar 17 0
  • Facebook ghsufusga
    Did one, would definitely recommend
    Mar 17 0
  • Google camelCase
    Do it!
    Mar 18 0
  • Dropbox systest
    I took 2.5 months, highly recommend it
    Mar 17 0
  • Amazon aOOc00
    Best vacations are in between jobs. Is the only time your mind is clear. Enjoy!
    Mar 17 0
  • LimeBike deUR12
    Definitely do it. 2-3month? You won’t have time or the heart to do that often once start working
    Mar 17 0
  • Microsoft / Eng ЯR
    Of course. Take at least a month or two. I would take a trip around Europe and enjoy every day with a comfortable pace, with no need to hurry and just mark checkpoints on your list. Just plan to save daylight time for cultural and sport activities, wineries too, and nights for night walks and clubs.

    Later you'll always worry how these few months will look on your resume. Also most companies will want you to start new position as soon as you can.
    Mar 17 0