is KPMG playing games during interview process to sponser H1B’s ?

Deloitte hwJj06
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so this happened to me and other few people I know.
Interviewed for a position in KPMG. went through the interview process “ nailed all 4 interviews” and the recruiter communicated to us that they would like to proceed and send an offer. Few days after, she sends an email stating that there is no longer demand for this position and they will not be sending an offer meanwhile the job posting is still up. Heard from few people that they do that so they can sponsor someone from over seas H1B visa and they have to go through this process to show that there are not qualified candidates.

Has anyone heard about such incident ?? It happened to me and another few people I know with the exact same pattern


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  • KPMG has stopped sponsoring new H1B since 2016, and any sponsorships have required special approvals. KPMG has also been going through someone internal restructuring, and had laid off a bunch of people this year. So it's possible that they either don't need someone on the bench for that role anymore. Job postings sometimes stay on for months even when they aren't actively hiring
    Nov 1 14
    • Deloitte hwJj06
      Gotcha. Guess it’s not meant to be. Maybe in the future. Not sure if it’s actually a good place to work for.
      Thanks though for the insights and info. Much appreciated
      Nov 1
    • Good luck, you should try again if you want to work for KPMG. It's no different than Deloitte
      Nov 1
    • Deloitte hwJj06
      Certainly will keep my eyes open. You’ll never know. Guess it not meant to be now.
      Thanks a lot though. If you don’t mind, where do you work ?
      Nov 1
    • “Not meant to be.” I really think you should look inward more. Maybe there is something wrong with you? I dunno maybe you are quick to anger. Calling people c unt and other vulgar terms. Acting tough on an anonymous app. Telling people to come to Florida so you can shoot them. I dunno, maybe I’m out of left field here.
      Nov 1
    • Oh wait, here it is
      Nov 1
  • Deloitte hwJj06
    Hahah dunno about that.....
    It happened to me and few other people I know. I work for Deloitte and my other friends works for other big 4 which you dream of working for.
    On the other hand, they make up the difference by cheap labor
    Nov 1 3
    • Flagged by the community.

    • Deloitte hwJj06
      Now you live in your parents basement and rejecting facing the truth which is you’re a dbag ?
      Nov 1
    • Pretty specific guess about my personal life. Projecting much?

      I’m sorry you didn’t get a job at KPMG. Don’t blame foreigners. Do better next time.

      Maybe they looked up your social media? If it’s as dumb as what you’ve posted in this thread, probably the reason they decided not to offer.
      Nov 1
  • It’s a hassle and costly to sponsor someone. If they were going to do that over you, it’s because that person is much better than you.
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  • Microsoft appaiah
    Happens all the time!
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