opportunites for RNs with some IT background?

Uber floatmeal
Nov 17 8 Comments

I have a friend with a background in administering IT systems for data and document management who has spent the last 5 years as an RN in a hospital/clinical setting. She’s looking to combine these two backgrounds in her next role.

Where should she be looking? Nursing recruiters are full of people trying to staff nursing homes and tech recruiters don’t seem have a clue what to do with someone who has RN jobs most recently on her resume.

Appreciate any ideas I can pass along.


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  • Collective Health hyyJ36
    Collective Health, best health tech company, truly making a difference and improving health outcomes for people + the culture and people are amazing!
    Nov 18 0
  • Aetna numberz
    Informatics or Encounters would be a good fit. Encounters is responsible for ensuring all the claims get sent to the state post adjudication. There’s a ton of batching that happens and analyst who work on determining root cause for rejections. There’s a mix of people who are technical and people who come from medical backgrounds (claims, billing/coding, etc) to make it work. Encounters is like the sister team to claims.
    Nov 18 0
  • Optum djt1658
    United Healthcare / Optum (two parts of same company) has a lot of jobs that benefit from both backgrounds, e.g. analyst on an IT Dev project. DM me for more info.
    Nov 18 0
  • Could learn about Health IT concepts, get some certs in that industry, maybe apply to a larger hospital system that needs help storing all of its medical record dat
    Nov 17 1
    • Tell her to look into FHIR/HL7
      Nov 17
  • Eli Lilly ColonelLil
    Have them apply to Eli Lilly! I work in IT with a woman who started her career as an RN, but now works in IT. Lilly really appreciates any health expertise when hiring for any role/function.
    Nov 22 0
  • UnitedHealthcare bjDu15
    An informatics role at a hospital system would be a good place to look.
    Nov 18 0
  • New CiOI38
    Short term, look into working under a Chief Medical Information officer (potentially) as a Chief of Staff role? Long term, get a Masters and see if a second in charge to CMIO?

    Usually CMIO's need "medical on the ground" physician experience, but that may be waived in smaller / mid systems where it is hard enough to staff physicians. Could be a good pivot into leadership
    Nov 18 0


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