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what a f**** dumpster fire, I don't even know where to begin. why is it that most of the "best in LA" workplaces on builtin are absolute garbage?

Let's see...

Well, there's no IP of any kind, so there utterly vulnerable to single-payer and are thriving on sales, not innovation, there is no vertical pivoting of any kind so they're going to live in die (and die) in healthcare. They are aggressively pursuing an IPO rather than trying to solve any problems and they're essentially pushing for it far too early into an extraordinarily unforgiving market that's worsening by the day... the Russell is a complete bear market. The local scene is a train wreck (TrueCar stock in the toilet, Leaf Group too)... the private companies are laying everyone off. (Loot crate just finished cleaning house) and the big boys aren't holding up so well either (see Uber's hiring freeze).

Job growth is slowing and inflation is rising and they want to hit that market? Jeesh.

And then there's the HR org & recruitment. First of all, tech is "flat" as in they practice holocracy. As in they use something that has NEVER scaled successfully. They change out recruiters every day and their CTO might as well be a effin' paper doll.

Rant over. Die slow.


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