what reasons can I give to my previous employer for quitting ?

Oct 30 8 Comments

I joined a mid-level company on the month of july, Now I received an offer letter from Microsoft.

What reasons may I give to my previous employer for quitting my job.

My Goals are : 1. want to make the resignation process very smooth
2. I don't want to serve notice period.


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  • Boeing ttahee
    Just tell them you found a better opportunity or something along the lines of doing what's best for you. Dont have to give them details, dont have to mention microsoft.
    Oct 30 1
    • OP
      Thank you for your kind reply. will hide the company name
      Oct 30
  • OP
    whom shall I inform first HR or manager ?
    Oct 30 2
    • New TfFi18
      Your direct manager - verbally and in writing. Your manager will pass this on to HR
      Oct 30
    • Verizon Media / Eng HG10TW
      Always the manager. Giving a two weeks notice is common and could help to not burn any bridges
      Oct 30
  • New DYbp46
    Always talk VERY nicely while leaving, but give absolute minimal info. Just as your company can get rid of you for giving no reason what so ever (at will employment law), so can you.

    Never give out next employer, expected salary, any grievances you may have at current place... unless giving that piece of info gives you some ridiculous benefit.
    Oct 30 1
    • Salesforce aw3some
      Why. Can they use it against you? Why do you usually say this?
      Oct 30
  • Apple YEgf85
    It’s not you, it’s me
    Oct 30 0


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