why gasoline prices are sky high and only in california?

NIO tmpVar
Oct 9 29 Comments

will this be fixed ever?


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  • Verizon nsIA64
    Uhmm...gas tax, and no fix as long as Cali is run by the left 😃
    Oct 9 4
    • NIO tmpVar
      Will that ever change?
      Oct 9
    • Taylor Farms azerty_
      Oct 9
    • Netflix I🤳🏻guy
      No. Republicans completely screwed themselves here. Cali used to be a solid red state.
      Oct 9
    • New / Creative HasanMinaj
      It's called Republic of Kalifornia for a reason.
      Oct 9
  • LinkedIn cd-
    There are no permanent fix because fossil fuel is a finite resource.
    Oct 9 12
    • Verizon Media Atinlay6
      Fossil fuels are a finite resource, but it’s extremely abundant. Less so are the rare earth metals used in EV production, which also are not found in the US. Grid power to charge EV’s is also based on fossil fuels. Until the left accepts the fact that nuclear is cleaner and cheaper.

      Such is our situation until another advancement is discovered.
      Oct 9
    • Oracle alwzangry
      Electric vehicle manufacturers only pretend their fuel is clean, while the entire supply of power and storage batteries do as much or more harm to the environment. And you get stuck if your power goes out like in California today.
      Oct 9
    • LinkedIn cd-
      The sun is shining though
      Oct 9
    • Oracle alwzangry
      Batteries aren't
      Oct 9
    • LinkedIn cd-
      Unless it’s Tesla Powerwall
      Oct 9
  • New / IT

    New IT

    VCP-DCV, CCNA, AWS Solution Architect, MCSE
    Our gas is cleaner and better, just like our residents...so yeah my TC is 5k post fill up but at least I can say I'm in California? 🤢
    Oct 9 0
  • LinkedIn Uranus⛢
    Go all electric.
    Oct 9 4
  • Uber / Eng BobbyB.
    We have our own rules about gas in California so we can only use California refined gas like the refineries in Richmond. So it is not as elastic as the rest of the USA.
    Oct 9 1
  • Microsoft TonyM
    One party government. Have fun.
    Oct 10 0
  • Twitter


    It’s all trolling and shitposts.
    a.a.milne more
    Ask why prices are so low elsewhere
    Oct 9 0
  • Facebook public2
    What needs to be fixed exactly?
    Oct 9 0


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