‘This doesn’t look like the best economy ever’: 40% of Americans say they still struggle to pay bills

Jul 6, 2019 34 Comments


I have been in Bay Area for last 21 years and still see people from India without any Masters degree from US universities make 150K plus easily .

Here the situation is pathetic .Except CS they do all the crappy courses like sociology , journalism , English literature, fine arts,history, film video and arts, etc and spend tons of money on these useless degrees.The outstanding student loan debt is 1.5 trillion USD .

In the whole Bay Area - only 3 high schools in Cupertino , 1 in PA and 1 in mission are good.

Stock Market is doing good because of Tech . Tech is doing good because of the immigrants from India and China . Silicon Valley is zero without immigrants .

It’s better to stop complaining and do some useful job oriented courses and contribute to the economy .


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  • Adobe richter
    "still see people from India making 150k easily" Indian parents get a lot of flak for forcing their kids down a certain path and not allowing them to "pursue their passions", but I'm beginning to think they might have a point after all. Money isn't everything, but the lack of money sure is everything.
    Jul 6, 2019 2
    • Apple / Eng Iron Hide
      Jul 6, 2019
    • New / Eng fang_it
      “Money isn’t everything, but the lack of money sure is everything” - this should be framed & hung on a wall
      Jul 6, 2019
  • Google DocStrange
    A society with only STEM is an empty society.
    Jul 6, 2019 8
    • Adobe richter
      Yeah, not dissing teachers, they do make a difference and aren't compensated enough for it. Was more a dig at DocStrange's preachiness.
      Jul 6, 2019
    • Google DocStrange
      It doesn’t have to be best of both worlds. It just has to be better.
      Jul 6, 2019
  • Google cout
    Dont start it, Americans will cry about how it wasn’t their fault and they are so underprivileged. Unlike us, privileged rich folks from Asia and Eastern Europe, who never knew a struggle in our life.
    Jul 6, 2019 1
    • I don't think I can even begin to imagine how pathetic your country and its people must be that you would rather live in a foreign country and crib about its citizens. I'm from India and I'd rather fix the problems in India before pointing out the faults in a country where I'm a guest - it's just poor manners and frankly embarrassing.
      Jul 7, 2019
  • eBay / Eng Poodleface
    Yeah, non immigrant here and honestly wish you immigrants would teach our youth a lesson about being responsible. All it takes is the bare minimum and you can get six figures here. But honestly the immigrants who get here tend to be the spoiled type. I've been to some of those countries and seen the utter poverty so I can tell you you got here because of your privilege. You all got opportunities others didn't So don't think Americans are that much more privileged than you. Our school systems are often worse than yours and our parents are way worse they don't instill any good work ethic just party and selfishness. Our parents generation had it easy so they never thought it was important to prepare their kids for the real world. I'm one of the lucky descendants of parents who got into tech early so I saw how lucrative it was. In my high school I only had 6 peers out of 300 who even knew tech was hot and took the classes.
    Jul 6, 2019 1
    • Amazon opWH45
      This 🙌. Non-Indian immigrant here and completely agree. At least from my region, if you are in the US because you came for school that means your family is rich af and thus you had all the opportunities.
      Jul 6, 2019
  • Uber / Eng ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
    Is this confirmation bias? You are only seeing the capable and hard-working people. The immigrants you see are capable, hard-working and willing to risk moving to a foreign country.

    Intelligence, tenacity, the ability to work hard, the ability to take measures risks, etc. are not skills every person has.
    Jul 6, 2019 2
    • Uber / Eng iptable
      OP is experiencing selection bias
      Jul 6, 2019
    • Tableau / Eng

      Tableau Eng

      And privileged
      Jul 6, 2019
  • ANCILE Solutions, Inc. eNBa60
    If everyone just did a STEM degree, I imagine that over time everything else that requires human capital will be expensive due to lack of supply (talent). Execs are compensating themselves relative to their employees at astronomical rates...literally 30 years ago CEO to worker pay was 58.9:1. It is now 270:1. To compare globally, in Germany a CEO earns 12 times the median worker, UK 22, USA 400-500! So yeah, the US economy will do great for those closer to the CEO and it’ll feel like hell if you’re at the bottom rung since education and healthcare costs have also likely risen in those same 30 years.
    Jul 6, 2019 0
  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    I joined in 2004 and plan to retire 2020
    No bread? Let them major in CS and eat cake!
    Jul 6, 2019 0
  • eBay prdAm
    TC or GTFO?
    Jul 6, 2019 0
  • Bloomberg / Eng

    Bloomberg Eng

    Bloomberg LP
    Not just India and China, most immigrants are coming in with STEM degrees ...
    Jul 6, 2019 0
  • Microsoft nut 🥥dem
    The liberal and women science majors started graduating a few years ago. 😂 These are going to stay unemployed for long time.
    Jul 6, 2019 0


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