Best place to have family life and raise kids

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Cannot afford bay area or nyc neighbourhood. Better to abandon kids than raise them in Seattle or Eastside. Ready to compromise on career growth as I am not a passionate techie. Any suggestions on where to raise a family. Any mid size cities that I can look for.

TC 190K


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  • Salesforce BndTheKnee
    Worth it, even if it takes years and years to get your citizenship. A place with an actual social safety net, clean streets, public transportation, universal healthcare, better quality food, incredible quality of life, a much better education system, and more or less the center of the world for multiculturalism.

    You’re also only a few hours away by car, bus, plane, or train for literally thousands and thousands of cute little towns, unique dialects, sub-cultures, cuisines, and diverse landscapes.

    If you’re up for learning a new language and putting up with some paperwork: go to Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, or Belgium.
    I’m fortunate enough to have a German citizenship, but I’ll tell you right now: never, no matter how much TC I make here, or how much money someone would give me, would I raise my children in America.
    Jan 17 24
    • Hootsuite / Product sayhoot?
      @BndTheKnee have you actually visited Vancouver or Toronto, especially in Vancouver, where the Chinese food even exceeds that of China/HK because of the immigration opportunities that Canada truly embraces, which allows top chefs to migrate and express their art and skill.

      I honestly don't know what good European food is, French and Italian are probably what I've generalized. I've had Greek and " Mediterranean", which I also truly enjoy, we have plenty of these varieties in Vancouver, a small hand full of Middle East, Africa, and an lots of great Indian as well. So Asian food isn't the only kind of food we can in abundance, but many high quality "European" food. I think you just need to expose yourself a bit more based on all your comments I've been reading, you seem to enjoy a more "homogenous" and assimilated experience - maybe that makes you feel more safe and secure?
      Jan 18
    • Salesforce BndTheKnee
      @sayhoot I haven’t been to Toronto, but I have been to Vancouver a couple times. I did enjoy the Chinese food there a lot. A pretty big Persian influence there as well, which I loved.

      European food varies greatly, and I think most people don’t get the opportunity to try traditional dishes due to touristy restaurants being a norm in crowded areas.
      German Food, for instance, has some of the best meat and savory sauce dishes you can get. Best bread in the world too, with over 300 different types of bread. Norwegian/Swedish food is incredible, offering amazing seafood, and diverse local specialties depending on the region (which is true of most countries).
      Slovenian food has some great specialty dishes as well, and the toppings for Danish dishes are endlessly creative and delicious.
      Turkish and Georgian food has a big influence in Central Europe as well, and I love visiting those while I am there. Persian food also makes a presence in larger cities, and tends to be one of my favorite types of food.

      Of course I need to expose myself more, everyone in the world does. While I make around 3-4 trips a year to different places in the world, I’ll never be “exposed” enough due to the sheer amount of unique cultures globally.

      Some homogeneity isn’t a bad thing. Neither is assimilation. In fact, that’s what keeps cultures and traditions long-lasting, and what brings societies closer together. Diversity is a necessity as well, but countries should all retain a majority percent of homogeneity so that they retain what makes them special. Racism shouldn’t exist, of course, but we’re getting better about it globally (aside from trump).
      Safe and secure? Has nothing to do with that. It has to do with preserving cultures and making sure traditions are kept and passed down. I would hate to visit China, India, or Iran, only for it be full of white people, McDonald’s, and Ford pickup trucks, all speaking English and erecting western style buildings. I much prefer seeing Chinese architecture, Chinese people, and eating Chinese food while I’m in China, and I hope it stays that way (and for other countries in the world as well). America is an exception since it was founded as a melting pot. I just hope this country finds some societal common ground which can bring people together, rather than rip them apart.
      Jan 18
  • Microsoft / Eng bebK16
    Jan 16 16
    • Microsoft redvelvet1
      What is NSD?
      Jan 17
    • Microsoft / Eng bebK16
      Northshore School District
      Jan 18
  • New


    gryffen more
    Austin. Atlanta. Washington DC.
    Jan 16 14
    • Northrop Grumman / Data GGNOREzzz
      Did you leave nova then?
      Jan 20
    • @Northrop Grumman, yes. Just found it depressing and soulless. Looking back though I did have some fun times there, though I found it harder to make lasting relationships and friendships there versus any other place I've lived. Also, I found the wealthy suburban kids who grew up there to be the archetype of the entitled millennial/Gen Z type.
      Jan 20
  • IBM AOTI65
    Your TC is 190 and you can’t afford bay area? How much is rent there for a 1 bed and 2 bed apartment?

    It must be because of the taxes so homeless can take a diarrhea dump on sidewalks and illegal immigrants can take up housing and make the shortage of housing inflation even worse.

    Good job CA 👍
    Jan 17 9
    • Tesla Sbrk33
      Illegal immigrants aren't the ones who drove rent to 4-5000 a month for a POS house. Yes, illegals have no effect on the cost of rent for someone making 190. Where's your data if you are gonna say dumb sh!t like that?
      Jan 18
    • Deloitte / Consultant LGgu04
      @Google saves the day!!

      @IBM has a 1980s view of the world, just like their products.
      Jan 18
  • Facebook Chindian
    Mumbai, India
    Jan 16 6
    • eBay / Eng MoER04
      Marine Drive guys!!
      Jan 17
    • Amazon bakchod
      Jan 17
  • Qualitest / QA tester1239
    Anywhere where democrats don't have positions of power
    Jan 18 8
    • Uber / Eng fgyewnxu5
      I doubt he wants to go to a deep red backwater shithole
      Jan 18
    • Intel hkll
      Lived in several- they are great. Bay Area was the worst place I’ve ever lived.
      Jan 18
  • Huntsville Alabama. Big on tech and engineering, land is really cheap in the suburbs (Maddison, Decatur, Cullman). It's a red state so taxes are low, and the area has a booming craft brewing community.
    Jan 17 8
  • Cisco / Eng Thbb52
    Cary, NC
    Jan 16 0
  • Jabil / Eng MRquiffy
    Boston, hear me out.. suburbs, remote work from there, tech belt is actual mixed between in the city and on the periphery. Amazon is here if you want that, plenty of jobs, it's a feeding frenzy right meow. 2 kids, TC (family) $326k

    I know, that's higher, but we bought our first house with a TC of ~$140k $440k 2800 sq ft 0.5 acre lot.

    Yes I agree there are lower cost of living cities, but I'm not a director, manager, or something I'm an principal engineer in hardware. Money here is good.
    Jan 18 14
    • Kaspersky / HR

      Kaspersky HR

      No kids - I’d stay in Cambridge, it has a nice mix of an urban and college vibe, public transportation and a nice crowd.
      If one has kids, I would recommend to look into Arlington, it’s close by, it’s improving fast, lots of young families with kids, and you can get 4BD townhouse for 650-700; also for 1M you can buy an ok house (not a fixer-upper) in Lexington, which is top 10 school districts in the country, Belmont - house would be better, schools are great too, Winchester - a bit like Belmont, you can look into Brookline, which close to Boston, maybe Newton and Wellesley, but commute would not be that great.
      Jan 19
    • Kaspersky / HR

      Kaspersky HR

      If one mostly works from home, prefer bigger land lots and less neighbors, Lincoln and Carlisle could be a good option. Also, there is south shore for home-workers.
      Personally I would not recommend to live on the beach, as it could get pretty nasty in winter - storms, flooding and such, but if you want to breathe ocean, and don’t mind long commute (1h+) Manchester-by-the-Sea, Magnolia, Hamilton, Ipswich are nice.
      From financial perspective if you can work from home and can tolerate 1h+ commute once in a while, Exeter, HN is a great option with very affordable housing (property tax is a 🤬, though) and no state tax.
      Jan 19
  • Schlumberger KYeT57
    Columbia, Venezuela, Iraq or North Korea, all amazing places
    Jan 18 6
    • I'm thinking about a time share in the West Bank. Lots of explosive attractions.
      Jan 19
    • Schlumberger KYeT57
      Spelin neva helpped nobudy!
      Jan 22


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