Bravo google👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Nov 1, 2018 262 Comments

Edit: adding poll question.

What would happen if you and your coworkers decided to walk out in protest against a company policy or decision?

Big kudos to all the employees of Google for standing up for what’s right. Takes a lot of courage to do what you did and it takes a lot of humility for the company to own up to it.

We could use a lot more humility and courage in many other industries, especially banking!!!

This shouldn’t be limited to sexual-harassment. This should be addressed at all levels regardless of the type of harassment we experience.



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  • Twitter 0nMyWay
    How do you “coerce” a girl to come up into your hotel and room and give you a blowjob? She was obviously a willing participant. If not, then in 2013 she would have filed a police report and cried rape at the time of the incident.
    Nov 1, 2018 39
    • @Jeff Bezos someone's weak moral fibre or feeble mind doesn't give you the right to take advantage of them. Indeed we should only be more kind to them.
      Nov 5, 2018
    • Microsoft / Eng O n
      May be that’s the kindness people are giving them and it is bitter after they mature and start feeling penitent after years
      Nov 9, 2018
  • You mean bravo Googlers? Google hasn’t done enough to address the issue to deserve a bravo yet.
    Nov 1, 2018 34
    • No I don't think I said that. I said they were walking with or without support from exec. That was the point. They didn't wait for approval. Come on
      Nov 3, 2018
    • Capital One crack head
      What? You’re giving credit where credit isn’t due. Google can’t retaliate against 20,000 people without further damaging their brand. That’s why they’re not doing it. That’s the power of organized labor: it is organized to the point that the company is unable to functionally combat it. It has nothing to do with google culture at this point.
      Nov 4, 2018
  • sincere question: assuming Google (or any company) had handled Rubin episode flawlessly -- what exactly would that look like? ie what exactly does it mean for Google "to address this issue" -- please share playbook.
    Nov 1, 2018 12
    • Ericsson watashiwa1
      1. How would having a CDO report to CEO change anything when companies have the CHRO reporting to CEO already.
      2. I endorse all other recommendations by googlers
      3. I would add a clear clawback for all situations of proven sexual misconduct against employees - men or women (hardly any women do this now but it may change if more women come in power as sexual harassment at work is more about power than just lust).

      Wonder why these top bosses never are gay...would help with getting both men and women to rally for the cause...sorry, just kidding.
      Nov 3, 2018
    • Ericsson watashiwa1
      I don’t know why its so hard to understand that there can’t be consensual sex between a boss and subordinate. Many priests and pedohiles who abuse kids think it was consensual and something ‘special’. It’s not. If a woman wants to have sex with her boss and vice versa, she should offer to the boss to quit her job or that he quits his job and then they go about whatever they want.
      Nov 3, 2018
  • Apple Bcna
    What a weak leader. Diversity at work.
    Nov 1, 2018 9
    • Amazon shidbjcbfj
      There's nothing courageous about walking out when the entire company does it with the encouragement of the leadership behind it. The courageous ones are the ones that stayed at their desks on that day...
      Nov 4, 2018
    • AppDirect EROU22
      Actually the OP is implying that hiring for skin color leads to weak results. Not that skin color determines results.

      Hire the best candidate, preferably as blindly as possible.
      Nov 6, 2018
  • uh does everyone agree / acknowledge that the reported coercion attempt in hotel room marked the end of consensual affair between the two (as reported nyt). previous oral good, final oral request bad (as reported to employer one year post). seems like a fine line bt gf and victim. lesson : you better fucking not ask for head if you are a man. one year later get call into hr for proper thrashing.
    Nov 1, 2018 9
    • Google iHOG86
      The whole problem is he wasn't thrashed, he was handed millions of dollars
      Nov 2, 2018
    • Google iHOG86
      My understanding is that if Google would have fired him without severance and made it known why he wasn't fired, this wouldn't have happened
      Nov 2, 2018
  • Nvidia zVEC05
    When did they walk out over DeMore’s wrongful termination? Oh right...
    Nov 1, 2018 5
    • Google / Eng

      Google Eng

      Extremist? Y'all post modern 64th wave feminists sure know how to make meaningful words become meaningless.
      Nov 2, 2018
    • McAfee Defcon1
      Intellectual money laundering. Take meaningful words and make them mean something else
      Nov 2, 2018
  • Microsoft zanderr
    Google got balls
    Nov 1, 2018 12
    • Apple / Eng uyxy35
      123raj so true
      Nov 3, 2018
    • Panasonic Avionics

      Panasonic Avionics

      Zander probably meant sexist, not racist.

      Scientific evidence 😂😂😂 Anyone can cite one or two research articles to backup your claim.

      I thought you guys are scientists?
      Nov 3, 2018
  • Apple vErx86
    Everyone who was saying that Damore’s firing was wrongful for speaking his mind: you are fucked in the head. Thinking he had a right to say those things and not get fired for it should make you stop and reconsider your outlook on life.
    Nov 2, 2018 13
    • Capital One crack head
      Honest question, what were some of the hateful stereotypes he pushed?
      Nov 5, 2018
    • Amazon smack
      Eg, that women can't handle stress. Just picking one of many many examples.

      He found a study that showed differences in the way men and women respond to physical discomfort over minutes and then ASSUMED he could use the data to make claims about how men vs women handle emotional stress related to work over weeks and months.

      In other words ridiculous nonsense to justify a ridiculous stereotype.
      Nov 5, 2018
  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    little bit confused by meaning of “diversity”,is it means that each racial should be represented In google? If so, should NBA have a diversity officer to make sure that more Asian player have the chance to play the game? I just don’t know the difference
    Nov 2, 2018 10
    • Facebook sum41pwd
      Driven individuals don’t exist in vacuums nor do they operate in one. Yes, there are individual struggles and challenges, but there are others that only certain classes of people experience (this is very country/culture specific) just because they fall into that class. You might disagree with how the companies go about tackling this or maybe it’s something only government should be concerned about, but how can you malign the fact that people/companies are concerned about it?
      Nov 3, 2018
    • Google / Eng Jurcbhs
      What I was trying to say with that is that everyone has hurdles but that none of them are game changers if you put effort and work toward getting a CS degree. Can it be harder for some people? Of course, the literature is abundant that your parents’ socioeconomic status is the main factor in predicting education success (I.e. probably less hurdles) not your race or gender. In fact, regarding gender, there is a bias toward women to get on tenure track (some Harvard study, don’t remember author) as well as the Bickel et al paper from the 70s that showed women had higher acceptance for graduate school in Berkeley (I know the paper is old but I imagine there was more sexism back then than now so the numbers should still be fairly convincing).

      I realize people/companies are well intentioned as am I. I dislike how they go about achieving “diversity”—aiming for parity in superficial traits. It’s not like all black women are the same, and then there are plenty of other superficial characteristics that also could be considered eg last I checked taller people are promoted faster, same with better looking people. I’m sure there’s a diff between fat/skinny people too. You can continue to fractionate to the extreme down to the individual... instead diversity of thought is what is important.
      Nov 4, 2018
  • New / IT

    New IT

    Let me cite an example and please comment on who was the victim and who was the perpetrator -
    A boss asks his female reporter to go out with him to discuss what might seem like weakness in her upcoming promotion. Later in the evening boss gets touchy with the reportee and the reportee doesn't complain that day. (Why? Maybe because she wanted the promotion badly). But anyways, after the dinner date the boss asks the reportee to come meet his pet at his house. Again the reportee would have said No on any other day but that day she pushed herself and played along. Now the boss has got the balls to ask her to stay over as it's too late. Again the reportee plays along for her promotion. The boss now slips off his trousers and asks a bj, and the reportee agrees not only for bj but much more. Next week she gets promoted. She is happy now, invited her boss in the party of her promotion too. Two years later a #meToo movement starts and she gets filmy. All of a sudden she realizes her boss was a perpetrator. A villain. And files a sexual harassment case against him. The whole world favors her. The boss was sincere, hardworking, damn intelligent, but all this could not save his job now. The boss's career is irreversibly destroyed now. However the lady now knows her way up. She gets a fast promotion in next 2 years again.
    Nov 2, 2018 18
    • Google zDBt17
      A manager asking a BJ is against the law. Every manager has a legal obligation to report any sexual harassment. Failure to do so can lead to termination.
      Nov 3, 2018
    • Google zDBt17

      >Quid pro quo harassment issues typically arise in one of three settings.  1) As with the Subway situation, a manager or owner propositions a prospective employee, suggesting that if the employee engages in a relationship the job will be hers; 2) A manager suggests to an existing employee that if she were to engage in a relationship she may be in line for a promotion; or 3) A co-worker engages in a consensual sexual relationship with his supervisor.  When he attempts to break off the relationship she makes it clear in no uncertain terms that if he wants to keep his job he needs to continue the relationship.

      In each of these examples the employer (or manager) in a position of authority is attempting to use that authority towards obtaining unwanted physical relations.
      Nov 3, 2018


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