Can employee feedback cause a no hire?

Jan 1 12 Comments

If a Google employee gives you negative feedback to the hiring committee, will there be no chance of being hired regardless of how well you did the interviews?


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  • Google derpidoo
    I gave a referral to someone and my referral was "Don't hire this person, they're a drug addict and a sociopath."

    They still got hired.

    So, I'd say, it depends - referrals are just weighed with everything else.
    Jan 1 3
    • Amazon BlindIy
      To be fair coffee-addicted sociopaths can still do work. The sociopath piece would’ve been a pro at Amazon even.
      Jan 1
    • Microsoft turtleback
      Told a Googler friend about my cocaine use. Was worried that might affect my chances of getting in.
      Jan 2
  • Amazon BlindIy
    Did you hack that employee?
    Jan 1 2
    • Salesforce swiggypigg
      No, he porked that employee
      Jan 1
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  • Google


    Is that employee one of your interviewers?
    Jan 1 1
  • Google / Product bhdfjklo
    Yes, don't mess with us 😂😂
    Jan 1 0


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