Ghosted at Apple

Jul 2, 2019 8 Comments

I interviewed with Apple a few months ago - introduced to hiring manager through an internal referral, met him over coffee, then had 2 full rounds of interviews (~10 people). Hiring manager asked to meet at the end of both rounds and shared in-person that my interviews went very well.

Two weeks after the second round, he asked to meet again and said Apple is going through a hiring freeze and he’s fighting internally to get the headcount (confirmed this with my internal contact at Apple as well). But since then, I’ve been completely ghosted - no response to my emails or texts from either the hiring manager or the recruiter. Internal contact says the role is in flux, but I’ve seen the role posted again after a couple of months.

Anyone had an experience like this at companies like Apple? Shouldn’t a big place like this have their recruiting/communication shit together and just be upfront and send a rejection instead of leaving candidates in limbo? Just wondering!


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  • LinkedIn paranoya
    It's not only 🍎.

    I learnt things the hard way.

    When in school, a big company(won't name it) gave me a verbal offer. I loved the work there as an intern so much that I refused to interview with other companies as I didn't care so much about the TC. Three months later, I still didn't have my offer letter and my manager had stopped responding to my emails(even when I knew he was at work, from the friends I'd made in there). Eventually he got back to me five months later, by which I'd already landed another job, saying they had something going on at their end and they would like me to work on a contract (biggest bs I've heard in my life).

    At one of the biggest tech conferences I ran into him and could see him trying to run away(he seemed ashamed).

    Another instance with another at-that-time-kind-of-startup company: interviewed with them and I was told I was great. I was asked what my expected compensation was. I told them I expect minimum market level salary for a similar position. They insisted on me giving them a figure and then I did(which I later on figured was higher than they go for). They made me talk one extra round to a senior director.

    After that there was complete silence. I emailed them once every week for the next three weeks and no response.

    I finally emailed them letting them know thanks for the interview, but I've decided to join another company(and there was still no response).

    Tl;Dr this happens at a lot of places and just move on if someone's not contacting you after a few follow ups. I believe it's not the company, but there's a lot of people who're jerks in this world.
    Jul 2, 2019 0
  • Intel INTC=$60
    They have made an offer to a better candidate and waiting for them. Till then you are standby
    Jul 2, 2019 3
    • Same happened with me.
      Just move on. Got a scientist position at Facebook while Apple was doing this nonsense.
      Jul 2, 2019
    • / Other
      Punani Other

      Since you are on stand by, they won't reject you yet. Probably after the better candidate starts working then they will tell you to fuck off
      Jul 3, 2019
  • Tesla tema
    Agree. Had this experience with a unicorn from nyc. Interviews went amazing. Then they stopped responding. Eventually I told them I am not interested in pursuing. Jerks!
    Jul 2, 2019 0
  • Visa / Eng MzkG80
    I got the lowball offer from Apple as well. I have 4 years experience and they offer me fresh grad TC.
    Jul 2, 2019 0
  • General Motors SCruise
    Exact same thing happened to me. Been almost a year, role is still “on hold” aka someone else was found or it no longer exists.
    Jul 8, 2019 0


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