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Jun 12, 2019 6 Comments

I'm a PM with a tech degree. I'm currently interviewing for a DevOps Engineer role with another company that I expect to possibly get an offer on.

I spent several years at Apple (yes, I know) and now I'm at Facebook. I'm looking into Google careers and could use a referral (both tech and non-tech). As I've been told, it's pretty much essential.

Friendly, personable lady. I have dogs. My partner is an SWE.

Let me know if you're able to help! Cheers!


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Great. You have dogs.
    Jun 12, 2019 2
    • Facebook bOxH63
      Yes, they're the goodest good boys. Not the purpose of my post, but this was a shot in the dark anyhow.
      Jun 12, 2019
    • Pics or it didn't happen.
      Jun 13, 2019
  • Microsoft idknbd
    oh, well if you have dogs...
    Jun 12, 2019 0
  • Google G0OG
    Surprised no one says this yet so.. TC or GTFO.
    Jun 12, 2019 1
    • Facebook bOxH63
      Curious why this matters for a referral, can you elaborate? I referenced other posts like this before making a post.
      Jun 12, 2019


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