I will help you get referral bonus🙏🏼 Referrals please

Jan 2 24 Comments

Hi Guys,
Happy New Year! I am working as a Data Scientist from 2.5 years! I was a full stack developer for 1.5 years.
Actively looking to switch. I am currently in loop for onsites for Facebook , Adobe.
Can someone please refer me for Linkedin,Lyft , Twitter,Apple, Square,Doordash? (Frankly any good tech company)


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TOP 24 Comments
  • LinkedIn lululemons
    DM me for LinkedIn
    Jan 2 1
  • Apple


    NVIDIA, Intel Corporation, McAfee
    DM me
    Jan 2 1
  • Coinbase Tvme04
    Coinbase is the place to come
    Jan 2 1
    • Philips new098754
      Please refer me 🙏🏼
      Jan 2
  • Amazon dickstra
    student here, does asking for referrals on blind actually work?
    Jan 3 2
    • Philips new098754
      Yes it does! Your chances of getting a call is better with referral :)
      Jan 3
    • Amazon llame
      sorry, i meant if you were actually able to get referrals through blind
      Jan 3
  • Dm for Lyft!
    Jan 3 1
  • Twitter / Data except
    DM me for Twitter
    Jan 3 1
  • DoorDash kokpee
    Dm for doordash
    Jan 3 1
  • Walmart p31027
    DM me for Atlassian
    Jan 2 1
  • Credit Karma hMDU81
    Interesting way to frame your ask.
    Jan 2 1
    • Philips new098754
      Haha I saw it on blind 🙈
      Jan 3
  • Uber freckly
    Check your DM
    Jan 2 1


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