Ireland Critical Skills Visa in IT/Security

Structured Communication Systems rstU21
Jul 8, 2019


I see a lot of info/data about software developers/programmers who've been able to get jobs under the 213 ICT Professionals critical skills category in Ireland, but I'm curious to learn how many people from the US have landed a job, and what type, that falls under the 2139 category of "All other ICT professionals not elsewhere classified." Or maybe even under 2135 "IT business analysts, architects and systems designers."

If anyone reading this has gotten that coveted Stamp 4 visa for an IT job, specifically in the realm of Information Security Analyst, Network Security Engineer, Network/Application Penetration Tester, etc., I'd love to hear your experience or least how the interview and job offer process went. I'm currently slinging out CVs and applications, but since I haven't found much documentation on Americans working in Ireland in this particular sector, I'm hoping for some confirmation/assurances that I'm not barking up the wrong tree.

Many thanks


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