Lynnwood vs Bothell

Jan 15 5 Comments

which area will appreciate more in the future.
Considering light rail coming to lynnwood in 2024 and bothell and good school district


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  • Vrbo VAAv52
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  • Aetna / Mgmt NewOffr
    Does the SLU shuttle make the commute any better from Lynnwood or is I5 that bad?
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  • Amazon rbWm23
    Jan 20 0
  • Google KytN86
    My guess is Bothell.
    Jan 15 0
  • Amazon pancake02
    I think it depends on the type of home.

    Lynnwood has the light rail potential, and has many popular retail stores/restaurants. Alderwood mall, target, Whole Foods, cheese cake factory, Costco, new Home Depot, etc. Many first time buyers are moving there because single family homes and townhomes are more affordable.

    Bothell is starting to build a new retail area (Bothell downtown, UW Bothell has a lot of construction). The school district (Northshore) is considered one of the best in the region. Bothell also has many more newer developments. Especially in the $800k+ range.

    If this was solely on appreciation, imo I would aim for an older single family home around Bothell UW. Bec of the land, there’s a lot of $1 million+ homes being built right now. A majority of homes East of 405 are new(ish) and have less room to grow. If you have kids, or plan on having kids soon, I would also pick Bothell.

    But if you’re single (or don’t plan on having kids), and you’re on a tight budget, or hate traffic, I would pick Lynnwood. Homes around there are ~$80-$200k less.
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