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Rakuten / Ops

Rakuten Ops

Rakuten USA
Obligatory: YoE 20, TC 41k. Such is life for us non-SWE office monkeys!
Feb 11 140 Comments

Reading the "worst company in tech" thread has me thinking: what's the most vicious (but honest) review of your company out there?

Glassdoor has an excellent one about Rakuten called "Wearing the mask of internationalization", plus a series of four or five (numbered 2.0, 3.0... after the first one) called "Black Hole for your Career". Google those phrases and you'll find them.

So what's the most vicious, scathing, tell-it-like-it-is review about your company, that should be required reading for anyone applying there?


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TOP 140 Comments
  • Facebook Jjxe78
    We focus on impact. We don't care whether it's positive or negative impact.
    Feb 12 1
    • Airbnb kYFK02
      Ah this is where Airbnb culture came from
      Feb 13
  • Samsung 🗽212🗽
    KR isn't run by its government. 😱
    Feb 11 12
    • CloudBees / Eng

      CloudBees Eng

      This, sadly, is so true. Its whyvi like visiting east asia but not staying, as an American Asian
      Feb 13
    • Rakuten / Ops

      Rakuten Ops

      Rakuten USA
      Obligatory: YoE 20, TC 41k. Such is life for us non-SWE office monkeys!
      @matamata (NZ?) - I think it's tougher for long term residents. You're not an honored guest so you're down at the bottom of the social hierarchy and are treated accordingly.
      Feb 14
  • Amazon / Eng KHCr70
    Everyone already knows Amazons lol
    Feb 11 12
    • VMware Jacksonvi
      Yeah Amazon CEO still sends nude
      Feb 13
    • Tableau BedWetter
      Recently interviewed someone from amazon. Don’t even bother asking why they left.
      Feb 13
  • Qualtrics st🅰️rfish
    We hire PIP’d Amazon employees to make a shitty survey platform that our sales leaders think is the greatest thing you’ve ever seen.
    Feb 12 8
    • Qualtrics vorticon
      Don’t forget that our Provo office is 50% new grads
      Feb 12
    • Wait until umpteen layers of SAP management fluff are added!
      Feb 12
  • Microsoft PowerPuff1
    Underpaid and Overworked. Managers don't care as they moved to the area 10 years ago when houses were 1/3 the price and loaded up on shares when they were 1/4 the price then claim we all get paid enough.
    Feb 12 4
    • Facebook / Eng Topkek❄️
      I don't think the bay area is a better option for housing lol
      Feb 12
    • Honey / Eng carne
      Come to la
      Feb 13
  • Microsoft / Product

    Microsoft Product

    Microsoft - when you're looking for the Walmart of Software.
    Feb 12 7
    • Salesforce ouchedby
      Do you work on a non-azure product?
      Feb 12
    • GitHub nfjfieh
      GitHub is changing into MSFT pretty fast (thanks to our leadership team) and the future looks bleak.
      Feb 12
  • Hubspot gahfra
    Hey, Hubspot has a whole book written about it. Called Disrupted.
    Feb 11 4
    • eBay barron
      Yeah, i was interviewing with rakuten and they asked if i had read their CEO's books😄
      Feb 12
    • Hubspot gahfra
      I don't think Disrupted is accurate, but I think it's hilarious. Throw a cynical writer who can't handle young bosses/peers into marketing org where people must at least pretend they believe their own s---- and make silly videos in animal costumes, and things won't go well.
      Feb 12
  • Microsoft oMWJ88
    Not really a review, but everyone buying into the new Microsoft culture should read about Embrace, Extend and Extinguish.

    Sure, the company got a Satya facelift and started wearing makeup, but a large portion of the leadership is still the same.
    Feb 12 6
    • Amazon Vulgar
      I mean...none of the companies mentioned established a de facto monopoly, bought up all competition, and attempted to sue any newcomers out of existence.

      We’re capitalistic shitheads, sure. Not sure we approach the evil of MSFT in full Gates/Ballmer era.

      Meh. One for the historians I guess.
      Feb 12
    • Amazon qstn6
      How is Amazon a monopoly? They have less than 5% of retail. In all business segments such as cloud, video, music, echo, payments, they don't even have 50% and had plenty of competition
      Feb 12
  • Facebook / Eng FXza84
    I would show you, but the company has Glassdoor to take down bad reviews whenever someone gets fired and says they're "duplicates", It has made me question Glassdoor's trust.
    Feb 12 2
    • New qVVd50
      I've noticed a lot of the more critical reviews of my former company have disappeared completely, too. Meanwhile, very obviously fake positive "this place is great" reviews are all over the place (they even have a obviously fake one up from someone claiming a role and location that never existed at the company). I have a hard time believing Glassdoor doesn't remove unfavorable reviews, nor do I buy the idea that an "engaged employer" can't see who left each review.
      Feb 12
    • LinkedIn dsdsdsds
      You can pay Glassdoor to remove reviews, I've seen it happen with previous companies
      Feb 12
  • Uber / Eng DgoQ22
    Almost any NYT article about Uber. Even if we did some saintly deeds it would be twisted into being done with evil motives.
    Feb 11 3
    • Amazon weeReturns
      Sounds like amazon too
      Feb 12
    • LinkedIn 33dsds
      Amazon at least proud to abuse people. Uber just wanna be
      Feb 15


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