Strategy (Consulting & Corporate) jobs at Google, MSFT, AWS

New / Biz Dev Gravel-Ind
Jan 2 6 Comments

I am starting to look for a new job, and transition to the Tech Industry is turning out to be a challenge especially for mapping my past skills to the Tech functions/team types seems to be a bit of challenge.


1. What other teams I could apply to, besides the type I am* getting traction with?
(* BD & PM @ Google, AWS L7)

2. Are there core Strategy teams at overall product portfolio level in PM or corporate organizations?

3. Besides FAANG, what other types of companies i could target. Can I target VCs?

Core skills: Strategy (consulting& corporate aka Mckinsey, BCG etc.), New product /market development. BD.

Other skills: Strategic Marketing, Finance, data analysis, Engineering (mech, computational fluid dynamics)

industries: Energy, Manufacturing, Aviation, Last 3 years in Tech.

Last 2 roles: AI SAAS/ cloud products /platforms PM & BD at GE and a stealth startup funded by a major VC.

Education: MS, MBA (top 10-15 US school)

TC: 320K (mid-west), yoe 15


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  • New / Strategy

    New Strategy

    program manager
    Try Tesla
    Jan 2 1
    • New / Biz Dev Gravel-Ind
      Thanks for the tip.
      Jan 2
  • Amazon JefNutella
    MS has a Corp strat and Corp dev/ M&A team. They slot under the overall biz dev org
    Jan 2 0
  • Google / Mgmt

    Google Mgmt

    Here's your challenge. At an ordinary company, your background would make you special. Not here. I know lots of ordinary mid level project managers with your background because of the comp.

    The jobs you are being targeted for are entirely appropriate. L7 at Google could double your TC easily
    Jan 4 2
    • New / Biz Dev Gravel-Ind
      Thanks. Trying to understand google teams map. So, I should target BD, Tech account manager, and business operations?
      Jan 4
    • New / Biz Dev Gravel-Ind
      Great insights by the way
      Jan 4


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