TC Evaluation - Data Engineer I @ Dallas

Nov 5, 2019 10 Comments

Hey All,
I’m a new grad, graduating this December. I’ve received a offer from Fidelity Investments for Data Engineer I position at Dallas.

TC: 80k
YOE- 3yrs, prior to masters.

Is the offer competitive ?


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  • State Farm sweeeeee
    Not very competitive I’d say. You can def ask for more

    I’m in Dallas working as SWE with 1.5YOE making 120 TC.
    Nov 5, 2019 5
    • State Farm sweeeeee
      Dang! What product were you under?
      The managers here were better than C1? Am I dreaming? Lol.

      Is that the level above TDP? Or two levels above?
      Nov 5, 2019
    • State Farm sweeeeee
      Yeah no worries man! I understand. I’m also at CityLine. It’s cool to see someone that knows about SF culture and what not on here. I actively was looking at C1 until the promotion. Work more interesting?

      Yeah a lot of managers are good. Some I’ve heard are bad. For example, I’ve heard of a non-technical Manager who counts commit #s.

      A lot of good talent is leaving from every product so they need to hire a lot more, but are hesitant due to “budget” constraints, at least in my product.
      Nov 5, 2019
  • Amazon


    Google, Facebook, Amazon
    Shit offer. Why would you join TCS after Masters and 3 plus yrs? Just why!
    Nov 5, 2019 2
    • Tata Consultancy Services / Eng @iar
      It’s Fidelity Investments @joogt
      Nov 5, 2019
    • State Farm sweeeeee
      You didn’t read the post clearly.
      Nov 5, 2019
  • SEI Investments Quanty
    Nov 5, 2019 0


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