Wayfair ~550 Layoff.



Wayfair, Infosys
Feb 13 479 Comments

Company restructuring 😟
Please reach out to friends and check if they need help.
According to leadership: NOT BASED ON PERFORMANCE.#layoff #wayfair


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  • Google WxKg18
    I just want to say how happy I am with the Blind community right now! Everyone is trying to help each other out ❤️🧡💛
    Feb 13 4
    • Helping people out and getting a referral bonus are not mutually exclusive.
      Feb 13
    • Google / Eng Let’s
      Oh the referral Bonus
  • Microsoft QuidBroQuo
    I remember just last year, some of my b-school classmates were showing off their Wayfair offer and how the stock has gone up "70%"... XD
    Feb 13 5
    • Microsoft QuidBroQuo
      I’m simply sharing a fact. Why would I be insecure about a company that I never cared for? Esp when I went to MAGA with better offer?
      Feb 13
    • Expedia Group OnAShuttle
      Boasting to make up for the ridiculously uncompetitive base for mba hires...
      Feb 13
  • Wayfair / Eng a_way_out
    I was one of the first wave; could have told you a year ago we were hiring too many too fast, but here we are.
    Feb 13 10
    • Dell LUHV04
      Why does Boston location matter ?
      Feb 13
    • WeWork issA23
      WARN is a federal law. As long as the number of people laid off qualifies as mass layoff, all US states must file under WARN
      Feb 13
  • Honey Tech Leed
    Never been happier to have denied their shitty offer in the first place.

    Hire engineers for cheap, get cheap results.
    Feb 13 3
    • Honey Tech Leed
      Unfortunate that it happens, but an entirely expected outcome?

      Sorry, if you want a referral to Honey in LA I got you covered
      Feb 13
    • Square tkrY47
      Damn low EQ here
      Feb 13
  • Microsoft TeamAlpha
    Love the support folks are showing, for once I feel like Blind members are constructive, offering help and support. Happy to see that!
    Feb 13 1
    • Donlen / Finance

      Donlen Finance

      Duke's Business School grad with experience at start-ups and currently doing fp&a at Hertz. Looking for opportunities in PM role at a SaaS company.
      Same. Empathy has not died
      Feb 13
  • Wayfair rJkC56
    Here's a list of folks looking for work

    Feb 13 0
  • Overstock.com ostkbbby
    Come join overstock.com in Salt Lake City and help us get back at Wayfair directly!!

    Feb 13 2
  • Amazon AmazianSrc
    I’m sorry to hear about this. Want to help.

    Recruiter at AWS here. I have a hiring event in NYC in 2 weeks if you need something immediate, and can always help with senior software developers wanting to work in Seattle, NYC, or Herndon VA.

    Any other roles, DM me a job posting you like on amazon.jobs and I can get you in front of a recruiter or hiring manager.
    Feb 13 2
    • State Farm sweeeeee
      Goodguy/girlrecruiter ^
      Feb 13
    • Wayfair fiWS07
      Need referral in amazon for this event. Plz dm me back
      Feb 16
  • C-4 Analytics IJJr84
    How did the layoff go, like mechanically? Did they walk people out, did they give notice, severence, etc.?
    Feb 13 8
    • Amazon NFEG08
      Need better labour laws, how pathetic. Unions used to fight for this shit now they don't exist.
    • Continuum lOty24
      I kind of expected something like this, I have a friend over there who happily painted the company culture like a Darwinian utopia with little time or desire for empathy. I’m surprised there were tissues.
  • Vistaprint / Eng RWPn65
    #vistaprint is hiring, and we have a Boston office now so you don’t have to go to the burbs

    Did the lay-off include engineers?
    Feb 13 6
    • Carta Disgusted
      Carta is hiring.
      Feb 13
    • Wayfair fiWS07
      please ping me for so that i can fwd my resume. I have used all blind chat. I also got laid off.
      Feb 16


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