What make Indian engineers so successful?

Jun 5, 2018 109 Comments

Many top tech companies has Indian CEO (Google / MS), not mention the Indian VPs, Indian Directors, Indian Managers in every major company. Even for Engineers Indian seem to greatly out number their American / Chinese / Russian peers, and they usually move up way faster. (Based on observation). So what traits do you think make Indian engineers particularly successful?



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TOP 109 Comments
  • Oath NbNo10
    Chinese are just as smart but usually don't have the English skills
    Jun 5, 2018 19
    • Microsoft Djsjsjka
      Immersion Lithography was invented by Asian. It is by far the most matured way producing semi conductor under 13nm. Samsung copied it from TSMC. Chinese companies are putting in billions to try to get the same capability. American companies are not dominating this area.
      Jun 8, 2018
    • Uber lollok
      Yeah eat that yahoo
      Jun 15, 2018
  • Oath NbNo10
    Ass kissing skill
    Jun 5, 2018 0
  • Intel fwDf64
    To be honest, they are not special at all. Top many Chinese engineer just come back to their country but for Indian, they don’t have any options. Lot of population, lot of politics, just take care of Indian themselves and they lie a lot. That’s what I obsereved for the past 6yrs.
    Jun 5, 2018 20
    • Yahoo / Eng Dumble D
      Ok. You are right.. Now go..
      Dec 24, 2018
    • Quora mDXn01
      There is a saying in China: we have two neighbors, one (South Korea) claims history is theirs, the other claims future is theirs.
      Jan 29, 2019
  • Uber lollok
    More population...
    Jun 5, 2018 5
    • New / Design

      New Design

      Stand corrected.
      Jun 5, 2018
    • Uber bunnny
      This. It’s just statistics.
      Jun 7, 2018
  • T-Mobile tu4z8e2
    I have a feeling it comes down to people being away from their family and friends and work can be the main focus of their lives, especially when they are basically slaves in the green card system. They have to make sure they are not layed off. All they have to base their life around in a new country is their job and hitting goals to earn as much as possible and send lots of it back home to support their family and extended family it seems (not always).

    Totally different than a local who have years worth of friends and family nearby and lots of hobbies and celebrations with those people.
    Jun 5, 2018 6
    • Yahoo Fhcgh
      Who all are in you family? A Cat A Dog and a girl friend?
      Jun 7, 2018
    • T-Mobile tu4z8e2
      What are you talking about Fhcg?
      Jun 8, 2018
  • We ask amazing questions on anonymous apps. That’s why we rock!
    Jun 5, 2018 1
    • Amazon 123raj
      And then we answer our own questions. Hence proved we dont need nobody else to get the solution
      Jun 6, 2018
  • Google Techmeme
    Have you seen how many shitty ones also exist? Its a numbers game my friend. It all started way back with outsourcing and cheap labor. Now there are of course talented people from India but because they come in the hundreds of thousands, it is no big deal to see a few hundred or a couple thousand of them become VPs or Directors.
    Jun 5, 2018 0
  • Facebook Ninja650
    Doing the needful and reverting back asap
    Jun 5, 2018 2
    • Yahoo Fhcgh
      We have our own English. Like Americans have theirs like Caribbeans have their like Australians have their.. Understood mayte?
      Jun 5, 2018
    • LinkedIn / Eng Umgak
      I'm American and I love "do the needful." Indian English has a lovely lyrical quality.
      Jun 6, 2018
  • Microsoft / Eng

    Microsoft Eng

    Hate coding quizzes but studying hard for better future!
    Indians being successful does not mean they are smart or talented. If people are smarter than other nations’ people, we should see Indian economy dominating the world but this is far from true. Name me a single Indian company we know. I know plenty from countries of much smaller size. Finland for example has less than 1% of population than India. These are the real productive and talented people. India is a poor country for a reason though it is growing fast (yet similar GDP as Vietnam).

    Having CEOs and many high level executives could also mean just riding on the success someone else made. I am not saying every Indian is like this but in my experience, Indian engineers are the worst in average by several miles than any others. My friends from different nations complain that Indians promote undeserving other Indians and every one in the team starts leaving after seeing this and of course this team is filled with other Indians. I think Indians are taking advantage of this nepotism. I don’t mean all of them but far more percentage of people do this. It will get better as Indian economy grows further though. Better economy makes people act fairer.
    Jun 5, 2018 1
    • Intel fwDf64
      You got the exact point. I am worried about the future of Silicon Valley packed with Indians. I dont know even an average Indian tech company.
      Jun 5, 2018
  • Microsoft Pocurusb
    Well, there’s a lot of different indians. My manager is Indian and he has both a technical and business mind and the hardest worker in my group.

    I’ve also met Indians that are all

    I’ve met Indians that are in between.

    That first group is really what becomes the satyas of the world. I really admire him.
    Jun 5, 2018 0


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