Which choice is better considering Career,Growth,TC and Immigration

New / Eng SubZero$
Sep 12, 2019 6 Comments

Hi All ,
I am in a bit of Dilemma and would really appreciate if you all can advice what would be the best choice I make.
I recently was laid off from a company A in CO and being on an H1 work visa i had to find a job soon to maintain my work status in the country. I found a job in Ohio with Company B as a contractor via an American consulting firm with a 50% jump to my compensation(110K).Low cost of living compared to CO , this jump in TC makes me get more bang for my buck. The work has been ok so far nothing exciting even though they have some great VR projects going on which i could potentially work in the future but as a contractor they hired on working something specific so not sure exaclty how it will pan out in the future , plus its a year contract with potential for extension. They have also just started my GC processing too.
I also managed to recieve an offer from Company C which is a full time offer (After tad bit of negotiaiton current is TC 92K) in CO. They say its company policy and will start my GC after 6 months.From the interview and the team the work here looks exciting comapred to work i am currently doing with company B.

I am confused whether to stick with consulting firm since its a much higher pay and they are going to start my GC process soon, but then have to live the life of a contractor moving city to city every year or so or if i am lucky every two years.
or take the more stable full time option with company C even though its off lesser compensation to company B, but who are going to start my G only after 6 months.

Kindly please let me know what option is best to take and why and if there are other factors that i am overlooking and have not considered kindly please do advice.


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  • eBay hgLiPuU
    When things go south, contractors are let go first. Negotiate for higher TC for the full time (better if you have competing offers). If needed, interview more places before you can join either
    Sep 12, 2019 1
    • New / Eng SubZero$
      Yeah I am doing that too. Continuing to interview but nothing concrete as such.
      Also when I got laid Off Company A , I was an employee .
      For some reason they decided to keep the contractors and laid off 100’s of employees.
      Sep 12, 2019
  • SAP dwEC83
    are u under certain deadline to get your gc? like running out of h1b?
    Sep 12, 2019 2
    • New / Eng SubZero$
      No I am not. I just finished 3 years of H1.Is there any way I can use that to push company C to go against policy and file my GC immediately at the time of joining ?
      Sep 12, 2019
    • SAP dwEC83
      hmmm. i would hurry if i was u. u used half of your h1b. here at sap we file immediately if someone already used up 3y. it takes a while to get thru the process and u dont want h1b to run out before that
      Sep 12, 2019
  • Deutsche Bank / Eng john4040
    I would suggest just stay where you are until you get the I/140 approved. Not sure how many years you have on h1b ? Once you have the I-140 then get a full time. Also depends on the Consulatant employer, search him on my visa job.
    Sep 12, 2019 0


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