Would you go to Snap from Google (both in NY)

Jan 22 37 Comments

Snap offer is the standard L5 offer. (around 500k+)

Currently L5 at Google doing ML.

It’s a decent TC bump, and Google team is boring.

TC: 425k


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  • Zillow Group eu!28bsn
    I had a similar offer but when I talked to the team it seemed like I’d be using ML to predict what cartoon image would look best if added to a photo. Like an automatic “add a mustache” feature. This sounded so dumb, I couldn’t bring myself to take the job.
    Jan 22 1
  • Seagate toti420
    There’s something wrong with our society where the guy who puts mustaches on cartoon images makes half a million dollars a year, so the rest of us are glued longer in front of our little screens like zombies. God help us all and our future generations. I can’t wait for this scam/sham tech bubble to burst.
    Jan 22 4
    • Google percussion
      Well, I think we can safely say that we didn’t need Snapchat salaries to tell us there were issues in the social structure! The priorities there have been messed up for just about as long as one can think of!
      Jan 22
    • Red Hat fh46xj
      @google well said sire!
      Jan 22
  • eBay / Eng DewyDia
    500K. Wth. Where does this magic money come from for Snapchat. How can this funny face crap be monetized?
    Jan 22 5
    • Snapchat bebby
      Jan 23
    • Bluebeam Software / Eng futurez
      Jan 23
  • Google blingvling
    "Google team is boring" - this pretty much sums up my Google experience.
    N yes I will take the offer.
    Jan 22 0
  • Google percussion
    Sure, why not. A near 20% tc bump
    Jan 22 0
  • Facebook / Eng ufnie
    Holy!! $500k for L5 is insane
    Jan 22 12
    • Snapchat bebby
      Also worth noting that from there, it goes up quickly. Most high performing Snap L5 are making $1-2m after 1-2 years with refreshes and modest stock appreciation. But that assumes appreciation 😉
      Jan 25
    • Facebook / Eng suha
      Fucking hell. Why the fuck am I at FB doing 60h/w pulling 500k as E6
      Jan 25
  • Snapchat bebby
    I wish I could work in the nyc office. Such good engineers. Definitely take it. ASAP
    Jan 23 0
  • Yes 20% bump. Welcome to snap! 👻 Tons of ex googlers here!
    Jan 22 0
  • Apple helsinki7
    Jan 22 0
  • Uber U?
    Jan 22 0


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