Youngest age to have kids

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I'm 23 and feel like having kids. Is this too young?


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  • NVIDIA low
    Some people have kids young and love it and love being able to have the time and energy through kids going off to college and helping with grandkids.

    That being said, kids are HARD!

    Do you have a spouse ready to take on 50% of the work and a good support network to cover all the gaps?

    Are you in a financial position to take on everything that comes with kids (thousands $ monthly for daycare, diapers, dr visits, college fund)?

    Are you ready to give up all of your hobbies and trade them for playdates and soccer practice and last minute homework assignments?

    Is your career stable enough to take the hit when you have to leave early to pick up the kid 2x per week and when you have to stay home with your sick kid for the third week this year?
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  • First Republic fakeacct
    TC or GTFO
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  • Bio-Rad Laboratories gqKd20
    I was a parent at 23. By far the best thing WE did. This has lot of advantages like you have energy to play with kids , by the time you are 45 your kid would have finished undergrad ( at least you can hope ). Off course it has its drawbacks too. You wont find too many young parents so its important to be prepared for a lot of exploration.
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    • Sprint Chickenlip
      All of this. My youngest will be out the door when we're 45 and done with undergrad before 50. Do it all over again I'd choose the same timeline...25 and 27.
    • OP
      Awesome, thank you.
  • Google 6Feet6Inch
    Flush babies don’t make them yet. 😏

    inb4 people report this: I’m referring to mastersutercerbation.
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  • Live Oak Bank

    Live Oak Bank

    McKinsey, BCG
    Yes and no.

    I'm 40 my dad is 85 and had a stroke when he was 65 and lost the ability to speak. We have a good relationship, but it would be nice if he was healthy.

    So I do wish he had me when he was younger.

    You'll have to trade that off with financial stability ( unless you're making bank at GE).
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    • Indeed pyschedeli
      Well, he wouldn't have had you if he was younger lmao
    • Xilinx / Mgmt VPeng
      Underrated comment by indeed
  • Cisco FqRo25
    I am 31 and gonna have a kid on few months. I'd kill to have a child before 25. You will gain your independence back around 45. That's a relatively young age. You will have a healthy body, enough money and enough time. I'd suggest go for it
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  • Netflix QqCO52
    No. I had a kid just before turning into 28 and I wish I can have her even earlier. It's so fun to have a kid, everybody says it's tough which is true, I feel it gives another level of meaning and fulfillment to my life and it's totally worth. My parents had me at 24/25 , when I left home for college they were only 40/41 and became free, which makes some people around them be jealous.
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    • OP
      That's awesome!! I would love to have free time during that age
  • Facebook artifex
    My father had me when he was 21, he’s great, so young and strong, I became father by 29, I wish I had become father sooner, but at the same time, your life will change completely, not overstating. Forget about you for at least 3 years, then you can get some of your life back but definitely changed, it won’t be the same. It’s not an improvement, it’s a trade off. You lose some stuff but get a great experience, it’s not easy though. Think about it.
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  • I would say have kids now. This is something I should have done which I regret now.

    I see so many of my fiends who had kids way early and have a totally different life style now when compared to what we go through now.

    Agree that you will lose some things that you can do while you are in 20s but, it’s a trade off that you need to understand and willing to accept.

    Having kids early will let you focus your energy on them early in your career and then focus on your career by the time you are in the late 20s or early 30s.

    You will still be in a good shape to support them during their adolescence and be with them for longer in your life.

    My opinion!
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    • OP
      Thanks a lot, I appreciate your insight
  • LexisNexis Risk Solutions / IT tiber
    No. Most people can have kids when they're 12 or so. You can definitely have kids at 23.
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