why are fangmula interviews all over the place?

Lowe’s kBLA63
Jan 15 8 Comments

i have a couple of interviews lined up and i noticed the phone screen and even the on site questions range from super easy LC medium questions to fucking punch in the face hard questions.

does it have to do with them liking you? or the size of the company? does the team matter? product v platform?

im mostly applying to senior eng roles, trying to figure maximise my chances of getting my next gig


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  • EasyPost XTdg61
    "FANGMULA" is a dumb acronym that a cringey YouTuber made up because he couldn't get into FAANG, so he had to make up a new acronym that would include the company he did get into.
    Jan 15 2
    • Lowe’s kBLA63
      You have to realize it’s way easier than spelling out all the tech companies I’ve failed interviewing at
      Jan 15
    • Google zer fi
      FANGMULA is from blind
      FANGULTAD is from youtube
      Jan 15
  • Amazon qpudhrhu
    Think it’s mainly to do with interviewer. Same experience as you though
    Jan 15 1
    • Affirm / Eng ramenlover
      Yep, a lot of it is just luck of the draw. Some interviewers give you linked list problems, others graph traversal and DP.
      Jan 15
  • Microsoft mkayboomer
    Companies focus on different things. Google is about being above average on smartness, Amazon is about their LPs, FB is about being fast and bold, etc. Different cultures, therefore different ways to hire people.
    Jan 15 0
  • Esri / Eng TzDY41
    Interviewing is a crapshoot.
    Jan 15 0
  • Lowe’s kBLA63
    Just got a community guidelines notice for this post, can you not curse on here?
    Jan 15 0


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